Bonding During Gap Born to Fit Party

by - 8/09/2009 06:55:00 AM

It’s been a while since I’ve spent the whole day in the company of female friends. Since having my son there’s barely any time to spend time with myself much less plan an all girls event. But with my son now being older I can start hanging with the ladies…add food and clothes and you have the ingredients for a party!

Today Kimberly (Mom In The City) held a Gap Born to Fit party and opened her home to a group of her friends…and me! While snacking on yummies we all took turns trying on a jean from Gap’s new line of denim jeans including their Sexy Boot, Always Skinny and Real Straight. It’s amazing how a room full of women who don’t know each other will collaborate to find the right size and look for each other. I found myself giving and asking advice on which style was a better fit.

Once we chose our FREE pair of jeans to take home, it was then time for a round of fun games. My friend Niri (Mommy Niri) was one of the lucky winners of a prize while Victoria (VeepVeep) was 2 seconds quicker in answering the challenge and won the main prize.

After the games I continue to smooze with the ladies in the room and discovered some of my mom bloggers friends had also come to the party. I quickly started babbling with Linda (NYCSingleMom), Susanna (GreenBaby) and Melissa (SheKnows)

All to soon it was time to leave and return home to normal lives. As I said goodbye to everyone I left with more then a pair of gap jeans that made my mommy shape look great…I left with the feeling that comes when you’ve shared that scared bond with cool and amazing women.

Now it’s my turn to share by having a giveaway! Kimberly and the GAP, want to give you a chance to win a gift card for a FREE pair of jeans (value up to $69.50). Hurry up and enter my giveaway!

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