Having mom conversations at Palm Resturant Event

by - 9/23/2009 09:40:00 AM

After all that work learning about the 1800Flower.com and The Palm partnership...it was time to have fun running around the event.

I quickly found many of my blog mom friends and spend time chatting about what's going on in their lives with projects, kids and anything else I wanted to be nosy about. LOL. My nosiness led me to have some awesome conversations with fellow moms...and dads at the event.

At some point I sat for my own caricature drawings. Anyone at the event could have their caricature done and many people did. As I sat for mine I chatted with Jared Phillips (FaceItStudios) the artist doing the caricature drawing. He was very nice and answered all my super nosy questions about how he became an artist.

So the funny part came when Jared asked me what he can draw me doing. We brainstormed for a while but I couldn’t think of anything. So Jared asked...what is the thing you do the most? Ha that was an easy answer. When I told him, he liked that idea and that’s exactly what he drew me doing. I think he did a great job capturing me don't you? =)

Special thanks to 1800flowers.com and the MWW PR Team for inviting me to the event and sharing their photos. My camera sucks at taking photos in dim lighting so I used theirs for this blog.

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