Guess Who's a Disney Mocha Mom Going to The Princess and the Frog Event

by - 10/16/2009 09:53:00 AM

Ever had a secret that was so wonderful you wanted to keep it to yourself? Just for a little while you wanted to enjoy whatever it was before you had to share with everyone? Well I had a secret but it got out ahead of me. Anyway, as some already know...ta da...I'm going to be a Disney Mocha Mom.

When I received an email from Disney and BSM Media inviting me to be part of their Disney African American Mom Bloggers Mixer...I thought...finally! Disney noticed their missing a princess and their ready to welcome me back home. LOL.

But as the good news settled in I began to think. This invite was so unexpected and I'm sure many people will be shocked and dare I say even a bit jealous? I'm sure many people will wonder how that happened to someone sorta new to the mom blogging community. But that's the thing....I'm far from new to the blogging community.

I never really explained my blogging background here because I never thought I needed to. Most of my readers come from my community where I've been blogging about my life, advocating for biracial and mixed race issues and have already established myself as an influential voice.

But when I stepped into the mom blogging community no one knew anything about me or my history. Matter of fact most of the moms kept me at a distance because I was a new face at event, in community forums and in their the blogging world. When I think about how I've been blogging longer then some "famous" mom bloggers I have to laugh.

At first it was very hard for me in this new world. I tried viewing things from a community viewpoint but the mom blog community can sometimes be a self serving place. I had to do a major mental and emotional adjustment. Finally with the support and encouragement of many great blogging moms, I've been able to blend worlds and continue my main goal of raising awareness for my asian and black community.

Which brings me back to Disney. One of the highlights of this trip is the debut of The Princess and the Frog....Tiana is Disney's first African American Princess. Of course this is a big deal for me since I'm very interested in positive images of black women in the media. I'm also very excited to talk with Disney first hand about what really is happening with Tiana's prince Naveen. LOL

Within the black community there's been a major battle over the Prince's skintone and what race he's suppose to be. While I'm suppose to remain neutral on this issue I think my readers can guess which way I lean towards. I mean come on people what's wrong with a prince that's biracial? Or even a *gasp* interracial love story? It's not even the first time Disney has done a interracial love story! Oh, the drama that has surrounded the debut of this African American princess.

I'm also excited as a single parent to tour the resort. As single parents we don't have to sit at home because we don't have a parenting partner. I believe we can get out and have an enjoyable lifestyle just like two parent households. I'm going to find out how single parents can enjoy a trip to Disney =)

So as I prepare for my Disney Mocha Moms Bloggers trip I hope you'll send me positive vibes and follow along on my adventure. I plan on blogging each days event and tweeting what I'm experiencing. I'm sure the other Mocha Moms invited will also be tweeting so follow us via twitter using the hash #magicalmochamoms

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