Learning how Earth's Best is celebrating 25 years

by - 10/07/2009 09:35:00 AM

Like most moms I worried about what's in my child's baby and toddler foods. A child’s nutrition affects how they grow and develop as they get older. After reading an article about the benefits of organic foods during the infant and toddler stage I made the switch to Earth's Best.

I switch to Earth's Best due to their reputation and baby food varieties besides the standard apples, peaches, etc. When I was recently invited to celebrate Earth's Best 25th birthday I was beyond excited since I would also learn more about their new products line that has grown to include formula’s, diapers, wipes and personal baby care items.

There would also be a discussion about healthy diets and the value of organic for our children led by advisor and author Keri Glassman MS, RD, CDN

After arriving at Rouge Tomate, I quickly started getting the info on the new products being launching in January 2010 from Jannell Brown, Brand Manager at Hain Celestial. We talked about how the Earth's Best line has expanded and can now be found in more stores like Target. As my readers know I'm shop at Target regularly so finding Earth's Best there is so convenient for one stop shopping.

I learned about Earth's Best Baby Detergent, Potty Training Pants, New Nursery Wipes which use naturally cleansing herbal oils like lavender and lemon grass and New TenderCare Diapers which are made chlorine free unlike some name brand diapers out in the market. I also learned about the frozen food line which include chicken nuggets, pizza, and waffles.

News of the frozen foods line caused such an excited stir within the group of mom bloggers that were invited to the event. Beside myself, Jesse and Issa also feed their sons Earth's Best. Issa expressed such relief to know that she can continue to feed her son as he grows from the Earth Best line. I totally agree!

As my son grew I worried I’d need another brand of organic baby food for a child older then 1 year. But with Earth’s Best expanded line we can continue to have organic babies. LOL

I learned so much during the event and meet so many wonderful people. Oh and guess what...I was also interviewed about why I started using Earth's Best and what it means to me. I had the chance to share about being a mom of a biracial child and wanting to start my son's life off in the best way to ensure a healthy and happy future. I hope to get a copy of the interview to share =)

While sitting down for lunch, which included dessert made from baby food, we listen to key speakers including Irwin Simom, President and CFO of Hain Celestial talk about the history of Earth's Best (founded in 1985), why the need for organic foods, and what future exciting plans they have including:

  • The November launch of a fully redesigned website
  • In January 2010, parents and grandparents have the opportunity to share their wishes for their baby/grandchild’s future by submitting a post via the Earth's Best website for a chance to win US Saving Bonds.
  • Also In January 2010 a large range of new products will be launched including 3rd Food Vegetable Medleys, Organic Whole Gain Infant Cereals with Fruit and Organic Sesame Street Elmo Mini Pasta Meals.
To learn more, visit - www.earthsbest.com

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