7 Tips to Simplify Holidays with Stop & Shop

by - 11/14/2009 11:43:00 AM

During the holidays don't you wish that we could find everything needed in one place. Cutting down on all the running would help so much wouldn't it? Recently I attend a luncheon held by Stop & Shop with for mom bloggers to share tips on how we can simplify and save money during this holiday season.

Before we sat down to have lunch the moms did a little arts and crafts with supplies found at Stop & Shop stores.

There were 3 tables all with different activities. At the 1st table you could make chocolate covered pretzels, the 2nd table make a "snack" in a bottle and at the 3rd table a flower center piece. I was at the 3rd table. I'm pretty proud how my flower center piece came out.

After making our items we sat down to lunch while listing to a presentation from Stop & Shop that included these helpful holiday tips
  • Try to wrap as you buy so you don't have to gift wrap 'til all hours.
  • Buy store made desserts and "spice them up" with shipped cream and sprinkle of cinnamon
  • Visit stores right after the holidays when you can get next year items for 75% or more off.
  • Save by buying the big packs of meat early and freezing half so it's on hand throughout the holiday season.
  • Stay organized by planning ahead. Divide your shopping list into "anytime" and "buy later" categories. For fresh fruit or cheese platters, wait close to Thanksgiving Day.
  • Check the store circular for weekly specials use coupons and store loyalty card to save more. Stop & Shop loyalty card gives big holiday rewards
But to me the most important tip is:
  • Stop and remind yourself that your living your children's memories. When your kids think of the holidays what do you want them to remember? Certainly not that you were freaking out =)

That of course is easier said then done during this time when you want to make the holiday "special" for your family. Well Stop and Shop can help in that area also.

Did you know that Stop and Shop has holiday dinners? You can order a complete meal for your family, for a couple or just "meal extras" to help out your holiday dinner.

I'm definitely happy to know that Stop and Shop is willing to help me save time and money this holiday season.

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  1. Looks like a great time. I do most of my shopping at Stop and Shop. They can call me to party any time ;)