My Advice & Experience when doing a Social Media Makeover

by - 1/17/2010 06:22:00 PM

I'm amazed that over two weeks have passed during my attempt at a social media makeover. While I knew updating and changing profile information at different sites would take a few days I sure didn't plan on taking over two weeks.

Seems when making changes to an online identity many little things add up and takes time. You have to change contact email, your about me page and in some cases your photo.

While these seem like little changes they can be time consuming when you have more then 3 sites you're a member of. I find it's helpful if you setup a basic template with the key pieces of information you want to share. For me that meant having a format that include a mini bio with blog links and twitter ids. While updating sites I could just cope and paste over the old information.

After working through online profiles I setup a new email address just for things related directly to the blog. When I first started out it seemed easier to have everything from personal to blog related going to one email but after a while it became hard to manage. New emails coming in daily would push older ones further into my inbox...and away from my attention.

I tried using gmail's filter feature and for a time it helped. But still when it came to responding to certain emails I had to shift through many folders where certain emails were being filtered into. Best to just have a dedicated email for blog related projects, newsletters and information

Now that I had tackled the hardest tasks I turned my attention to twitter. Should be the simplest I thought. Well I tried a few different things and hit a few bumps. For the most part I was able to separate personal friends from those I connected with for blog business. Dealing with the bumps in the road showed me how important it is to be aware of how your setting yourself up online. Do not mix business with personal even if you feel they overlap.

An online identity is exactly identity. You need to be clear about your purpose. If you build your identity right from the start then you'll avoid some of my problems :)

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