New Year Goals for 2010

by - 1/01/2010 07:07:00 PM

We're back! Welcome to the New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and took some time to relax and enjoy a few days of doing nothing. Speaking of doing some of you might have noticed The Mommy Factor sorta went on hiatus.

While taking a break is always a good thing, taking one in the middle of the busiest holiday season when your running giveaways is not such a good thing. LOL. I can assure you that was not my plan at all. But due to unexpected circumstances I was forced to pause for a bit. But then the xmas and family arrived before I could unpause! As we all know when family comes to town it's a whirlwind. There's eating, drinking, sharing family stories and no free time!

But now as things return to normal I'm once again starting things back up here. But wait! Over the unplanned break I've really been thinking how to make things better. I have exciting changes planned. Yes I will still continue to have reviews and giveaways plus share parenting information and shopping deals. But now I'm going to add the personal touch of my voice.

I've already started by writing about the pr/media events I've attended. This will continue but I want to also blog here personally as a African American mom in the world of mommy bloggers and social media. I feel black mothers have a unique point of view of things and I'd like to explore and highlight that. I'm excited and hope you as my readers will continue be part of The Mommy Factor.

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