Minority Moms & Breastfeeding : Kristi's Interview

by - 2/08/2010 05:00:00 AM

Continuing my Minority Moms & Breastfeeding Interviews, this weeks interview is with Kristi who is a Native Hawaiian. Her older children (who were breastfed for only 6 weeks) are also half African American. Her youngest daughter is half White and has been breastfeeding since birth. Kristi also blogs at Live and Love Outloud

  1. If your breastfeeding, how is the support from family/community? Does your mother/mother in law support you? Does your husband/partner?
  2. Kristi : I am new to my community as I recently moved from another state 4 months ago. The community I left was a very supportive one. It was assumed that a new mother would breastfeed. My mother isn't as supportive as I'd like her to be. She supports breastfeeding in the sense that it saves a lot of money. However, she feels that my 7 month old should really be on formula since she's thin. Wait til she finds out that i'm planning on baby-led weaning! My mother-in-law isn't involved in our lives. My husband is supportive, but is quick to point to formula on those days when I've had a rough go at breastfeeding. He feels breast is best, but is concerned about the toll he feels it takes on me at times.
  3. If your working how does your company feel about you breastfeeding? Do they give you time to pump? Is there a policy in place for nursing mothers? Is your supervisor/boss/coworkers understanding?
  4. Kristi : Thankfully, I'm a stay-at-home mom.
  5. Do you feel there's enough information available to support you as a minority mom who wants to breastfeed?
  6. Kristi : No. I began seeking out support and advice from a friend...a white friend. Other than that, I've had to look to twitter for support. There just isn't a great representation of minority moms who breastfeed. It's sad.
  7. How did you/do you plan on breastfeeding?
  8. Kristi : It first started out as an economical way to cut costs, but turned into a commitment to my daughter and myself. In the beginning she had jaundice. Doctor's encouraged me to supplement with formula to bring her weight up. I gave her 1 ounce three times and that was it. No more. Even with the soy formula, she projectile vomited. I refused to give her something that was obviously inferior for her. I plan on breastfeeding for at least 2 years and thereafter, I’ll allow her to self-wean.
  9. What advice do you have for a new mom with questions about breastfeeding?
  10. Kristi : Reach out to other open-minded breastfeeding moms. Social media has come a long way. There are so many resources available, including support from breastfeeding mothers on the Internet. Sometimes it's nice to talk to moms who are going through the motions along with you. It's comforting to know that you're not alone and that these rough patches will pass, that it will get better.

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