Previewing Atari's Sandlot Sluggers Video Game

by - 5/18/2010 09:23:00 AM

As a mother of a little boy I try to keep up with the latest kid's video game releases, so I was excited when we were invited to the preview release for Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers at the Atari Headquarters.


At the event we learned about the cool new features, enhanced game-play and extensive customization options. For those who didn't know, Backyard Sports is one of the best selling kids sports video games and Sandlot Sluggers is the next evolution of Backyard Sports baseball game where you can play ball in arcade style sports action.

While the parents learned, the kids enjoyed hot dogs, popcorn, playing tball and the Sandlot Sluggers game. My son was a bit young to play the game so he enjoyed throwing the various balls around and hanging out with the other kids. I took different test runs on the different gaming stations, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS and PC setup, to get a feel for the game. This is what I liked
  • Non stop arcade styles action with comedic commentary, exaggerated animations and turbo game-play for a one-of-a-kind experience.
  • Feature rich with multi-player tournaments, min games, season mode, quick play and an all new story mode, new to kids sports games
  • Packed with kid style tricks and surprises to keep kids coming back for more.
The game will be release May 25, 2010 in various platform: Xbox 360, Wii, DS and PC Download. MSP: $29.99

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