Bloggers Trapeze Event with TDBank

by - 6/22/2010 08:30:00 AM

Recently TDBank hosted a trapeze event at the Trapeze School New York. I was invited to meet with TD Bank Executives to discuss their new campaign and hear insider tips on what to look for when choosing an account.

TDBank Blogger Event at Trapeze School New York.

During the event anyone interested (aka brave enough) and wanted to learn how to fly on the trapeze or flip on the trampoline would be taught by certified instructors.

Also at the event were many of my blogging friends including Nichelle (CupcakeTakeTheCake) Dane (Fitceleb) and Isabel (AlphaMom). We all put on our TD Bank t-shirts, got buckled up and then went through the safety tutorial.

We learned how to stand and position our bodies, the correct way to hold and release the bar and what to do when we panic. Then it was time to climb and fly. While the other blogger's were willing to try, I chose to stay close to the ground. Yes the trapeze looked like fun but going that high wasn't for me or my nervous tummy. As the other bloggers flew and flipped, I took that opportunity to speak with a TDBank representatives about the different types of services the bank offers.

TD Bank Checking Account Options:
  • Convenience Checking - Enjoy the convenience of no minimum daily balance requirement for the first year.
  • Premier Checking - Your checking earns more interest when you maintain a higher monthly balance.
  • Relationship Checking - A checking account for Customers with higher household balances seeking hassle-free money management tools.
  • Value Checking - Basic checking for a low monthly fee.
  • Student Checking*- A checking account for students enrolled in a full-time college or university program with no hidden costs, charges or fees.
  • 50 Plus Checking** - An easy way to earn interest if you're 50 or over.

The representatives also share tips when choosing an Account. Here are 4 first steps in figuring out what type of account works best for you:
  1. Know your banking behavior: How often will you be depositing and withdrawing money? Will you be sharing an account with another person? You need to know what your banking behavior will be in order to identify the right account for you.
  2. Coordinate schedules: TD Bank opens earlier and stays open later than most other banks, and is not only open 7 days a week in most markets but 361 days too. If you are web-savvy, look for accounts that offer quick and easy online banking. All of TD Bank's checking accounts offer free online banking and bill pay.
  3. Convenience is key. Free convenience features such as TD Bank's free TD Bank Visa Debit Card with Visa Extra reward points and free access at over 2,600 TD Bank ATMs. Plus, TD reimburses other banks' ATM fee when you maintain a minimum daily balance of $2,500.
  4. Do your research: Remember to ask other people for opinions or media reviews. Just remember that negative experiences will be more common than positive. People upset at a bank are motivated to spread the word - happy customers often don't realize they are happy.
While I didn't get to fly on the trapeze of flip on the trampoline, I did have fun at the event and learned some great banking tips. Thanks TDBank!

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