Finding Summer Fashion at The Children’s Place

by - 6/26/2010 04:08:00 PM

For a recent trip to Sesame Place I found some great boy items from The Children’s Place summer collection. What items did I get?

Please Note: This is not a sponsored post. I spent my own money and purchased the clothing featured in the blog post.

I loved the playful Shark Swim Trunks for my son to wear at the kiddie water rides. I also picked up a Rockin Monkey Tshirt and Surf Bucket Hat to him my son cool while touring around the park.

But I have to confess I did attend The Children's Place summer preview event, so I knew what items to coordinate. LOL. Getting to see first hand what will the styles and trendy fashions for the season rocks for the fashion focused parent.

The feel and style of the outfits were a modern update to the bohemian and surfer looks. Lots of color were still used but in muted tones. Clothes flowed with an opened and relaxed feel. Mixed patterns and tie dyes are seen in everything from shirts to accessories. Detailing of crochet flowers on dresses and hair barrettes.

Lots of accessories from bags that convert to beach blankets to shoes that has beading and crochet trims. Love those! Also the rage this summer are hats...for boys and girls!

During the preview I spoke with a TCP representative to learn more about exciting changes the company has in store. One area they're going to focus more on is in the advertising. Many parents don't realize that TCP prices are comparable or in some cases lower then large retail stores like Target.

Another area is updating the association of the brand. Even though TCP carries clothing for older children, many view it as a store to shop just for babies. But older kids and pre-teens can find fashionable and trendy clothes without breaking their parents wallet.

So as you shop for cloths this summer, make sure to check out The Children's Place facebook page for current sales, gift card giveaways and more

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