Celebrating Sesame Place 30th Birthday

by - 7/07/2010 07:11:00 PM

For 30 years Sesame Place has been the theme park to delight families with young children. This year when they opened on May 1, 2010 they launched a season-long 30th birthday celebration. I was excited to be part of a group invited for media day to learn about and enjoy the all-new musical shows and other exciting new additions.

As a child I loved watching Sesame Street and it's unique characters. I would watch with my mom and laugh as Cookie Monster wrote a letter to cookie only to turn around and eat it. Or as The Count counted non stop while doing his signature laugh. Ah ah ah. Now there's new characters on the show, including my son favorite Elmo, and a whole new way to build memories with my son by taking our first trip to Sesame Place!

Since I don't drive we join my mom friend Suzanne and her family for the drive to Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA near Philadelphia. The drive wasn't that long and we arrived, found parking and checked in quickly. Admission to the park is $53 per day but you can buy special 2 day tickets, get the Twilight Admission or buy a season pass for better price deals. Check website for details.

Since we didn't have extra room in the car for the toddlers strollers, we rented some ($18 each) but you can bring your own. Then Suzanne and I split up to tackle the park and all it's cool activities. Since the day was a bit warm, first spot I went to was the Teeny Tiny Tidal Wave for a cool dip.

Then we joined another mom friend Divina to see the new show, "Elmo Rocks!" We watched as Elmo with Zoe, Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie sang and danced on stage performing a "rock ‘n roll" show. At one point some kids were invited on stage to be part of the show. My son tried to join the kids but I explained to him he needed to be just a big older. He was disappointed but quickly got over it as we headed over to Big Birds Court.

My son loved the area that had Big Birds Court. There was blocks for him to play with and soft padded surface for him to roll around on. It was a great area for parents to take a break in a cool and shady area. There also a maze, mountain to climb and a bouncy bed for kids to explore. While my son ran, jumped and bounced, I sat and relaxed before heading to the next activity.

Pretty soon it was time for lunch so we headed to the Big Bird's Riverside Pavilion area. As families ate lunch Sesame Street characters came by for photo opps. While my son was a bit shy, I managed to snag a few photos with some of my favorite characters. Hey it's Ernie!

With full bellies it was time to relax by another water attraction so we headed over to The Count's Splash Castle where a big bucket would "tip" over and splash those standing on levels under it. While it looked like great fun my son decided he rather stay on the edges and wade in the water.

On our way to the next and last attraction, we caught the Rock Around the Block" parade. As inflatable characters sailed by, others dance their way down Sesame Street. We tapped our feet to the music, waved and enjoyed the show.

Then it was time for the grand finale! Seeing the Elmo's World Live Show. We sat in the audience and watch Elmo LIVE as he, Dorothy and Mr. Noodle explore the world of fishes. It was great! The show followed the same format as the TV show so my son was able to follow along. I loved that the show was interactive. They even let some kids participate in being fish. Again my son wanted to join in and was stopped by me. As he started to complain we were allowed to take a photo with Dorothy. I'd say that's a great way to end our first visit to Sesame Place!

This summer there's lots of activities and events to enjoy at Sesame Place so make sure to check the website to see what happening and then plan a visit.

Please note: Complementary tickets were provided on media day to review the park and it's attractions. No other compensation was provided

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  1. Great pictures. Looks like this Daniel had an action-packed day.

  2. OH my gosh this looks like an awesome PLACE. where is it? My children would have so much fun there.

  3. How adorable is that stroller! Looks like it was a great time!

  4. Looks like you had a great time! My two year old would love to see Elmo!

    a.k.a FFReviews

  5. That looks like it was so fun!

  6. I've wanted to visit Sesame Place since we moved to VA. I'm hoping to make it up there this summer. :)

  7. We somehow never made it Sesame Place. How awesome. Love the photos, looked like a great day


  8. Looks like you were both having a blast! I love Elmo!!!!! :-)

  9. Nikki... looks like you guys had a blast! Too bad there's no Sesame Place in Chicago!