Touring 'Marcal Paper Small Steps' Facility to Save 1 Million Trees

by - 7/21/2010 08:32:00 PM

For over 50 years, Marcal has been making it's paper from recycled paper, not from trees. All Marcal Small Steps products, bath tissue, paper towels, napkins and facial tissue, are made from dyes and fragrance free 100 percent premium recycled paper. So how does Marcal get their paper?

During the Earth Day 40th celebration, Marcal invited me, along with other bloggers to tour their manufacturing facility to see how 100% recycled paper products are made.

The start of our tour started with meeting Marcal executives who shared with us some of the companies history. Marcal is one of the few remaining manufacturing companies that can say they have a product made in the USA.

Then it was time to see the different steps of the paper recycling process. We put on our protective goggles and ear plugs and walked over to the intake and storage section. Huge bails of newspapers, bills, bank statements, wrapping paper and any other type of paper are collected from the small blue recycle bins from homes and office buildings and brought here.

Next the paper is made in pulp. Paper is mixed with water and soap and then heated while being turned inside large vats. From there the pulp goes thru a series of process that removes the unwanted elements (inks, staples, etc) pressed into "parents" rolls then sliced into different types of paper products (paper towels, toilet paper, etc). From there it's off to packaging and shipment.

After our tour we met the Marcel team to discuss how families can help save millions of trees by using Marcel paper products.

Families should know that buying kitchen and bath products made from 100 percent recycled paper really makes a difference NOW! If every household in the U.S. replaced 1 package of traditional toilet paper with Marcal Small Steps, together we could help save nearly 1 million trees.

Marcal Small Steps has also added an Environmental Facts panel to the front of each label. Similar to popular nutrition facts panels found on food products, the label points out what does -- and does not -- go into Marcal Small Steps products. Earth Day has since passed but as we can continue taking small steps we can make a big difference.

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