Finding a Substitute Cuddle Buddy

by - 8/17/2010 04:56:00 PM

For a while now I've been looking for a cuddle buddy for my son. It started when I noticed he started bringing items to bed with him. One night it was his toy car, the next night it was his sippy cup. Just random items. I figured he was trying to find a substitute cuddle buddy since we stop official co-sleeping months ago. I say official cause he still sneaks back into my bed in the middle of the night.

But my goal is for him to stay in his bed for the whole night. I've gotten a taste for having my bed all to myself. LOL. So I've been hunting for a cuddle buddy. Sadly I wasn't impressed with some of the obvious choices. Many had music or sound attachments which I didn't like. I don't want my son depending on sounds to help him to sleep since that will cause a problem later. I hope he continues to go to sleep in a natural self soothing pattern.

I just wanted something that's soft and soothing so my son can transfer his need from me to it. During Blogher I came across Webkinz Jr Giraffe and fell in love. I thought he was just like my son, two different colors. LOL

Once home I named it "cheeky" and introduced it to my son. I worried he would reject it since he's not really a fan of stuff animals/toys. So anytime we did something that needed a cuddle I made sure to include "cheeky". So far the adjustment has been going good. My son hugs and kisses it and sorta sleeps with it if only for a few minutes.

But I'm ok with that since it's a start towards him transfering his cuddle need from me to "cheeky". And then I can have my bed completely to myself. Hopefully.

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