Preview of Lea Nickelodeon Rooms Kids Furniture

by - 8/02/2010 06:28:00 PM

I was invited to a special preview of the new Nickelodeon Rooms Youth Furniture Collection by Lea. Lea Furniture, took Nickelodeon’s "kids’ first" approach with this collection that engages kids’ individuality while instilling a sense of pride and ownership in their own space.

The collection was inspired by popular Nick's brands including Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants and iconic graphics from the networks signature slime.

A child’s bedroom is more than just a place for them to sleep. It is their world so they need a furniture that will turn a room of any size or shape into a place where they can express themselves, hangout with friends, celebrate their achievements etc.

Lea worked together with the Nickelodeon team of artists and graphic designers to create the three age-gated lines of the collection which feature various images and iconic elements.

Nickelodeon MyRoom consists of three collections that focus on both boys and girls in three different age gates:
  • The Nick collection is designed for kids agaes 3 to 7
  • The TweenNick collection is designed for kids 8 to 12
  • The TeenNick collection is designed for today’s teenagers and beyond
Each line in the Nickelodeon Room collection is designed with versatility and functionality to keep pace with kids as they grow. Reversible panels with different graphic images are included, giving kids their choice of four different designs.

As the child grows the panels can be removed, leaving clean, simple all-white furniture for use in dorms, first apartments or as a second/guest bedroom. The collection has a wide selection of beds, chests, storage solutions, seating and accent pieces to extend the longevity and value of the furniture.

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