Jakks Pacific 'Buzz Lightyear' Costume Review

by - 10/26/2010 03:42:00 PM

This Halloween will be the first time my son goes trick or treating. Of course picking out a costume for him is a big deal. I wanted to find the perfect Halloween costume that was trendy, something my son would recognize and have fun wearing.

Toy Story costumeBuzz Lightyear costume

Please Note: A sample was provided for review purposes. No other compensation was provided.

But I also wanted a Halloween costume that was comfortable and safe. During a recent media event I had a chance to previewed the Jakks Pacific line of children costumes which included a Halloween section. I was recently sent the Buzz Lightyear costume from their Toy Story 3 line to review.


I liked that Disguise, a division of Jakks Pacific, is very fashion-driven in the design of their costumes, playing upon current trends in the fashion industry. Not many "one size fits all" potato-sack type of costumes. If you look at the Sesame Street line, Alice in Wonderland, Hasbro and Fabulous Flirts, you will see fitted lines and trendy details such as bow belts, headbands and ruffle skirts.

The Buzz Lightyear costume looked adorable on my son. Yes it was a bit big for him but that was an error on my part. My son is growing so quickly so I try to always order the next size up. Besides the sizing the costume was a good match for my toddler. The material was flexible and comfortable so he can move freely as he runs around demanding treats.

The costume has Velcro on the back for easy in and out dressing. Great if your child is potty training like mine. I also like that it's hand washable for easy care. No special dry cleaning requirements.

Disguise has a wide range of many trendy costumes in all sizes for adults and kids. So if you still haven't picked out your Halloween costume for this coming weekend then shop Disguise - www.disguise.com

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  1. Hahaha!!! Way too cute!!! I love that costume on Daniel!

  2. Our guys are twins this year! Daniel is so adorable as always! Happy Trick or Treating!