Picking Our Pumpkin at Fall Kids Festival

by - 10/16/2010 04:44:00 PM

Today we headed over to the Fall Kids Fest in Madison Square Park. I was there to cover the Winktuk booth for a blog post but after that we could freely run around and enjoy.

pumpkin picking

We arrived early before my event was ready so we walked around to see what vendors and activies were there. I also tried to make a quick stop at the playground but it was packed. What the heck?! It was 10am in the morning.


Anyway, after a quick walk around we headed back to the Wintuk tent to meet the performers and take our photo. Daniel was a bit nervous of the people in costumes but after a few tries we got our photo.


Then it was time to tour the festival.  We went to the Scholastic table where Daniel made his very own book. Ok, ok he did get some help from me and the Scholastic table person, but all the coloring he did all by himself.

From there we tried going to the other tables, face painting and get some cotton candy but it started to get really crowded. Not to mention Daniel started getting just a bit cranky.

pumpkin picking

So I decided to hit the most important area....The Pumpkin Patch! We joined other kids and their parents to pick the perfect pumpkin. I tried NOT to help pick the pumpkin. Since this was Daniel's first time, I wanted it to be his choice. But he started picking up and throwing the pumpkin like a ball. So I had to intervene and save the pumpkin. LOL

I didn't get a photo of the full area but it was huge. They were pumpkins of all sizes for kids to pick and choose from. There was also a table with arts and crafts you could make for Halloween. I tried making a mummy man using gauge and Popsicle sticks but Daniel started the melt down again. As we left the park, I was sad we didn't take our pumpkin.

In the end maybe it was for the best. That pumpkin would have ended up being a ball for Daniel or pumpkin and chicken dinner for me. Love live our pumpkin!

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