Strawberry Shortcake 30 Years Celebration

by - 11/07/2010 01:20:00 PM

To celebrate Strawberry Shortcake's 30th year, I attended a birthday party celebration hosted by RoleMommy, Mom in the City and American Greeting at Alice's Tea Cup in Manhattan.

strawberry shortcake

But this wasn't just a birthday party, it was also a sneak peak of the New Television Series on The Hub, Retro Doll Collector's Set, iPhone application and More.

At the event we meet Strawberry Shortcake and wished her a Happy Birthday! We also meet one of the characters from Twisted Whiskers, one of the new shows on The Hub network.

strawberry shortcake

Then we made our way around the room and stopped at different tables filled with kid-friendly activities like caricature drawing and face-painting.

We were also able to watch episodes of Strawberry Shortcake show along with Maryoku Yummy and Twisted Whiskers. My son loved Maryoku Yummy which is perfect for young children in his age range. The older kids will love Strawberry Shortcake and Twisted Whiskers since these shows have great story lines.

As the parents gathered we talked and reminisced back when Strawberry Shortcake first debuted in 1980. At the time she and her friends were fun characters to sniffed and played with.

strawberry shortcake

Now 30 years later as parents we can see how the Strawberry Shortcake world teaches wholesome values, teamwork and friendship. All positive traits we want our kids to enjoy. We're excited that Strawberry Shortcake has lasted 30 years so we can now introduce our kids to her and her new friends.

On the Strawberry Shortcake website there's a section for parents filled with nostalgic Strawberry Shortcake fun facts and timeless recipes for moms and daughters (or sons!) to enjoy together.

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  1. Lovely pic! My daughter is into Strawberry Shortcake now.

  2. Thank you. It's nice when our kids can play with the same toys we played with as children

  3. So jealous, would have LOVED to have went. I still have my original Strawberry Shortcake sleeping bag! My daughter is into Strawberry too! I hope that she is around FOREVER!!!