Fisher-Price Follow Me Thomas Train Review

by - 1/28/2011 11:58:00 AM

Last year I took my son to the Misty Island Rescue DVD Screening where we watched a screening of the movie before the DVD official release. We also had a chance to play with the newest Thomas and Friends toy collection.

Follow Me Thomas Train

Please Note: I received a product sample for review purposes. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

One of my son's favorites was The Fisher-Price Follow Me Thomas which is made for the younger Thomas the Engine fans. When a chance to review the Follow Me Thomas Train came my way I knew my son would be so excited to help out.

My Review

Honestly, I hardly had a chance to test out the Follow Me Thomas Train once I took it out the box and turned it on. As soon as my son saw Thomas and heard the sound effects of him talking, he shouted Thomas! and grabbed the train. After explaining to him that Thomas can move by himself and I'll show him how, he allowed me to have some time with Thomas before taking him back.

Once I figured out how things worked (it's not that hard), I was able to show my son. He quickly grasped the concept that if he moved the lantern, Thomas would follow. After that he and Follow Me Thomas went all over.

I could tell that my son was proud that he could make Thomas move without mommy's help. He was delighted to hear the interactive phrases and sound effects as the talking train moved.

In case your child isn't ready to move the Follow Me Thomas using the lantern remote, Thomas also comes with 3 programmed moves: figure 8, circles and zig zags that he does automatically after pressing his spout. I recommend that you clear an area for your child to play with their Follow Me Thomas to avoid any items being knocked over or run into.

The Follow Me Thomas was a hit with my son at home and I'm sure will be with you child in yours. Happy playtime!

Being a preschool item, the Follow Me Thomas is a chunky Thomas engine with a easy-to-use lantern remote.The train lets your child pretend to be a train engineer, helping Thomas by pointing the lantern to show him the way. Follow Me Thomas will say different phrases and make sounds as your child guides him on his journey. Age: 2+/ Price: $44.99

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  1. So...the lantern...just how safe is this thing to be pointed directly into a child's eyes repeatedly? (This is the first thing several 2.5yo friends have done upon getting to play with it.) Also, the owner (28mos.) occasionally points the lantern into his own eyes.

    I've dredged the internet, including Fisher Price website and have seen NO mention of this even. Who do you know that you could ask? I'd bet my kid isn't the only one who's doing this...

  2. I have been looking to find out if this is safe too! My son is obsessed with shining it in his eyes.

  3. I'm not an expert or representative for Fisher Price but as a fellow mom I suggest that you simply take out the battery if your worried about the lantern light.

    The Follow Me Thomas can work and move without using the lantern. While it's suggest for 2yrs and older if your child cannot use as directed then that is an option. Hope that helps