Putting Family First without Sacrificing Myself

by - 2/24/2011 07:14:00 PM

For me this year started off with a bang. For one I finally accepted the full-time offer I've been dodging for months. While it's nice to now have more steady income, it means that the free time I use to spend with my son is now extremely limited.

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Now I have to work extra hard to make the moments when we're together meaningful. For me being there for my son takes priority over everything. While that's a great sentiment it's not always easy.

Some days before work, I just want a few moments to prep and get ready for the day. It would be easier to let my son do as much as he can independently while I got what I needed done....but I don’t. While I don’t need to sit down and have breakfast with him...I do. I don’t need to brush my teeth with him but I do. I don’t need to get us dressed and fix our hair around the same time but I do. Doing these simple things together help strengthen our bond. Doing these simple little things helps create fond memories we take along with us as we start our day.

Some days after working almost nonstop, I barely have enough strength when I get home to feed and bathe my son much less have playtime. There's been many times when all I want is a few uninterrupted moments of peace and quiet to unwind from a crazy workday. But when my son comes to me with one of his favorite books...my uninterrupted time of peace and quiet now expands to include story time. We end the day the same way we started...with us going through the routines together.

Some of my friends ask me...when do I get free time to myself. My answer is that I never really do but that’s ok because I’m doing what I want with my time…. spending it with the most important person in my life.

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  1. It's true that after giving so much of ourselves to either our clients or our coworkers, when you come home, sometimes all you want in 15 minutes of quiet. But once you see their smiling face, you realize that those 15 minutes can come after bed time. Family time is so important, and making every moment count is what life is about.

  2. You are such a good mommy by doing these little things with him every day. That's amazing and inspiring me to make me want to slow down and do that with my kids!

  3. I understand where you are coming from exactly. I love my children to death, I would do anything for them, and when I spend any small amount of time away from them I feel really guilty; like I'm not suppose to be doing that. I have made my children my entire world that it is just normal to me to want to spend most of my time with them. Most of the parents that I know can't wait to get that little bit of free time to themselves, me on the other hand, I'm always planning out things that I can do with them instead of without them.

    What you are doing with your son creates lasting memories and he will think back on all of the "togetherness" very fondly.

    Take care,

  4. Nikki, you are a sweet mommy. Time is more important to our children over anything else. Keep up the fantastic job mommy!! :)