A Ken Doll for All Boys - Wordless Wednesday

by - 3/02/2011 03:56:00 AM

I saw this poster in my work area and was amazed by it. Yes it's cute that Ken is going all out to get Barbie back but that's not the only reason I took this photo. The issue of boys and dolls have been on my mind for a bit now. Eventually my son will trade in his trains for male dolls.

ken doll poster to barbie

As a mom to a biracial son I wondered if male dolls come in a range of *ahem* colors. LOL. A quick Google search gave me the answer

black ken doll

There's a stylish African American Ken

japanese ken doll

There's a culturally dressed Japanese Ken

japanese takeo ken doll

There's a modern Japanese Ken also known as Takeo. Personally I think he looks a lot like he's half black and Asian like my son :)

twilight new moon jacob doll

And soon to be release is The Twilight Saga Collection, New Moon Jacob. True he's Native American but since I'm on team Jacob you know I had to include him. Also true is the fact that this doll might end up in my collection and not my son's :)

So far I didn't find a Korean male doll but I'll keep looking. I'm sure there's more culturally ethnic male dolls out there from other brands besides Mattel, which makes me feel better about finding a male doll for my son when the time comes. It's good to know he can save the world with a doll that looks like him.

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  1. I remember trying to cover the spectrum of colors in my daughter's dolls (my kids are biracial too) but I never thought about the boys before. Good to know there are some options out there!

  2. Great post. I didn't know that there were so many dolls for boys and I am glad there are!

  3. I love that they finally have "culture" Ken dolls. Thx for linking up Nikki :)

  4. Ken is looking might hot nowadays! Haha! I love the ethnic versions. We need more of that ;)

  5. Isn't it great that more ethnic dolls are being made, even for boys? :)

    Thanks for your comment. I thought I was the only one who would be interested in this. Guess not. LOL

  6. I love this campaign. They also have Barbie cupcakes at Magnolia bakery which is yummo! Interesting post I wonder if Big Bro will want dolls in the future. He loves his Buzz action figure does that count?

  7. Takeo isn't a Ken doll. He belongs to the Fashion Royalty
    doll collection made by Integrity
    Toys, and designed by Jason Wu. When I was growing up, there was only one doll company that made fashion dolls, so every doll was either a 'Ken' or a 'Barbie' as generic for 'male' and 'female' but now there are dozens and dozens of companies. Most of the dolls are pretty pricey for the
    grade school set, but at least they're there.