Just 3 months into the New Year & I'm exhausted

by - 3/22/2011 12:10:00 PM

According to Chinese tradition, we've entered the Year of the Rabbit, in which you can catch your breath and calm your nerves. It is a time for negotiation. Don't try to force issues, because if you do you will ultimately fail. To gain the greatest benefits from this time, focus on home, family, security, diplomacy, and your relationships with women and children.

stressed mom

But someone must have give this years rabbit an energy drink because this year started off on a fast track! It's just 3 months into the New Year and I'm ready to drop!

What has been going on since the ball dropped?

For one I finally accepted the fulltime position at my job. For about 6 months I was working only partime while I adjusted to be a working mom again. I had tried before but being away from my son was to much for me. LOL, So slowly I eased my way back to working fulltime and learning how to do the working mom juggle. Let me tell you, it hasn't been easy. Since I can't stay after work, I have to get as much done before 5pm as I can. Sadly some days I can hardly make a dent. My workload has increased unbelievable with more to come since the company is growing. I know more work is coming and I might have to go in and work on the weekends. Ugh.

Then there's my blog life. Oddly enough I cut way back on doing many blog related things. I don't attend as many media events as I use to. I've also started being very selective about projects I start or become a part of. Now I have a no blog work after 9pm or on the weekends rule. I should confess I've broken those rules a few times but I still try and keep mom blogging a balanced part of my life.

I've also focused on my blog more. Did you noticed the new blog layout and sections? I want to start having more of my voice included on this blog so I added a my life section to talk about anything happening in my life. Most likely it will be updates of what it's like being a working mom. There's tons I'm learning about that process.

There's also a social media mom section where I want to share my experiences about being a mom in the mom blogging world who works with pr firms, etc. The past two years for me have been VERY interesting as a blogger. I hope to offer some tips for other bloggers hoping to break into that space. So far this year I've been a speaker on a panel, worked with another mom on an audio series (info posted soon) and planned some other cool projects for later in the year.

Then of course there's my life as a mom to a very busy toddler boy. As my son turns 3 years (in June) very day is an adventure. From potty training and preping for preschool to learning how to let go and allow him to be independent, there's lots going on in my mom life.

So now you see why I'm exhausted 3 months into the new year. LOL. So I better take a breathe now cause there's lots more of the year to go and many cool things coming up :)

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  1. Oh Nikki. You are a superwoman - admit it. It's alot of work but you do it well girl. Your son is healthy and is very happy. Parenting is hard work, I can only imagine doing it alone. Good luck with the next 3 months. Just take it day by day.

  2. Nikki, I applaud all working moms. As much as I do as a SAHM I can't imagine how much more it is for a working momma. You are amazing!!

  3. I did notice the new design and love it! I also have to say you are doing a wonderful job of juggling being a Mom, work, and homelife. You aren't supermom but you are definitely THE best Mom for D! So give yourself a pat on the back girl cause you are doing what's important and learning to drop what isn't! *Hugs*