Maclaren Triumph Stroller Review

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I love traveling with my son. While my son is a good walker there are times when we still need to use a stroller. As a city mom finding a toddler friendly stroller hasn't been easy.

Please Note: I received a product sample for review purposes. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

Maclaren Triumph StrollerMaclaren Triumph Stroller

Some strollers are either too heavy and cumbersome to deal with getting on and off public transportation. Other strollers are too flimsy and offer no real body support for the child. I was starting to get frustrated with my "toddler friendly" stroller search!

Then I attended a Maclaren 2011 Preview and learned about their Triumph Stroller (along with the rest of their stroller line)

Maclaren Triumph Stroller
Maclaren Triumph Stroller
Maclaren Triumph Stroller

My Review

I confess we took this stroller on a serious review. We used it in all types of weather, on all types of surfaces from streets to playgrounds to grassy areas in the park. I was greatly impressed with the performance and how sturdy the stroller was.

Some of the key points the stood out during my review
  • The 'Ergonomically optimized" handles made it super easy to open the door with one hand and wheel the stroller in with the other. The handles had a comfortable and non slip grip
  • Water resistant hood & Stroller cover. Lately in NYC the weather is different everyday. I can't stay inside because of snow or rain so having a stroller that ensured my son stayed dry and warm is a huge plus. I was impressed that the stroller cover fit lined up and fit sung on the stroller. No more wind and rain creeping under like with other stroller covers.
  • Carry Strap for easy portability. Having a carry strap on a stroller is genius! I live in a walk up building so I liked being able to fold the stroller AND then slide over my shoulder for easy carrying so I could hold my son hand...and his toys. The carrying strap also made it 100x's easier to get on a bus. No more having to hold stroller and child
  • Recline: Multi-position. To many others strollers force children to sleep sitting up at uncomfortable angles. But the Triumph seat can adjust for when my son sleeping to awake and sightseeing which was great.
  • 5 second one hand fold. I confess I struggled to learn how to fold my stroller in the beginning. I was used to a one step fold of other strollers. But the Maclaren staff explained and demonstrated how the two step closing process is just as quick, it's also safer for your child since your ensuring it locks in place properly. Once I figured it out it was a breeze to fold and unfold when needed.
Maclaren Triumph Stroller

Along with those key points, I liked that the Triumph offered alot of width and height room for a toddler. I was surprised when my son sat down and wasn't his feet wasn't hanging out like with other stroller.

 He was also able to sit back and be comfortable without being squeezed because of a narrow stroller width. Even with the growth spurts my son is having I can see that we can still use the Triumph for a long while.

While I've always been impressed with the Maclaren's line of strollers, it was great to get a chance to review one in a real life setting with an older child. I can confidently say that the Maclaren line of stroller are made to last you from infant to toddler hood.

About Maclaren's Triumph Stroller
The Maclaren triumph stroller is dependable, resilient and lightweight. This is durable buggy with stylish flare to meet the everyday needs of hectic family life. This is suitable from 3 months and comes complete with hood, rain cover and shopping basket. It has sovereign lifetime warranty, phthalate free and lead free.

  • 5 point harness for added security
  • Height adjustable shoulder harness
  • Removable, washable seat
  • Handy mesh shopping basket
  • Updated Hubcap design on the 2011 Model
  • Weight: 11.5 LBS
  • Carrying Capacity - 55lbs
  • New 2011 Colors: Carmine Rose and Crown Blue

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  1. Great review, very detailed! It's good to know that even Maclaren's lower models seems to work just as well as their more expensive ones.

  2. You really did put this stroller through its paces! Looks like the Triumph is a great choice for urban lifestyles, especially in all kinds of different weather. Great detailed review. Very helpful. :)

  3. What a great review for the Maclaren Triumph.

    Thank you,