Haddad Brands Kids Clothing: Nike, Jordan and Levis Review

by - 7/01/2011 03:04:00 PM

Weekends are full of activity and fun for me and my son. This past weekend we had a full schedule covering blog related events for both me and him. I needed to dress my son in clothing that would stand up to our running around.

haddad jordan levis kid clothing

Please Note: As part of the Haddad Brands team of "Mom Bloggers" I received product samples for review purposes. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

Thanks goodness I received a new set of clothing from the Haddad Brand to review. We loved reviewing the previous set of Hadded Brands Nike 6.0 kid clothing but they were geared more for the winter months. Now it's time for summer styles!

haddad jordan kid clothing

On Saturday, I attend The Perfect Cup by Skinny Cow event (I'll post about that event later) and of course I took my son. Since this was a semi formal event I chose a red t-shirt with an awesome peace sign design on the front from the Jordan line and paired it with shorts from Levi's. This outfit made my son look great for rubbing elbows with adults and press at my event.

haddad jordan kid clothing

Later that day we went to see The Omhies, a child children's show ( yes a post about that is also coming) that encouraged the children to be active and physically part of the show.

The outfit was still a great match since it allowed my son to be comfortable and jump all around. Boy did he jump around!

haddad nike 60 kid clothing
haddad nike kid clothing

Sunday was our day to enjoy non blog related activities so we headed to the local park to enjoy some outside time and play some soccer!

For this outing I chose a Nike 6.0 logo t-shirt and shorts set. The short were adorable and stylish with the color stripping. Once again the clothing stood up to the test of running all around.

Later at home all items were easily cleaned up with a quick machine wash and dry.

The Haddad Brands of kids clothing can be found online, in specialty stores and in major department retailer like Macy's. To learn more about Haddad Brands and the kids lines offered you can visit

Haddad Brands website: www.haddad.com

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