My post is Spotlighted on BlogHer Race & Ethnicity

by - 8/16/2011 07:45:00 PM

Over the weekend I wrote a post about the conversation swirling about The Help Movie and asks readers to share their comments. Not only was I was surprised to see how many people was moved enough to leave thought provoking comments but I was stunned to find out that my post was picked to be on the homepage of and in the Race and Ethnicity topic (part of News) as a BlogHer Spotlight.

*nearly faints*

I can not explain what it means to me to have my community voice shared on such an influential website. *doing a happy dance*

If you have a few moments please visit the site and see why my post was chosen to be spotlighted today.

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  1. Great article on Euphoria Luv and congrats on getting picked up on BlogHer! I agree with everything in your post - it's true, I don't see many non-ethnic nannies (like you alluded there's a lot of other races that are also in servitude). Great piece.