Joining 48 Hours Roundtable Discussion On 'Bullying: Words Can Kill'

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This week I was invited to attend a roundtable discussion about a topic all parents need to know about. Bullying. As a new school year begins across the country, more than 160,000 children will stay home every day because they are afraid of being bullied.

During the roundtable discussion I watch a preview of the CBS News/48 HOURS presentation “Bullying: Words Can Kill.”

48hrs Bullying Roundtable

caption: 48 Hours Mystery held a special luncheon for bloggers to discuss the new special "Bullying: Words Can Kill" reported by Tracy Smith and the executive Producer Susan Zirinsky at Black Rock on Monday, Sept. 12, 2011 for the CBS Television Network. Photo: Heather Wines/CBS ©2011 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved

48hrs Bullying Roundtable

Leading the roundtable discussion were panelist Susan Zirinsky, Executive Producer "48 Hours", Tracy Smith, Correspondent "48 Hours", Lisa Cagno (mom of 14-year old Johnny who was bullied), Liz Vachon (social worker and creator of Cant Bully in School program).

48hrs Bullying Roundtable

During the roundtable the issues surrounding bullying and why it's getting so out of hand was passionately discussion. A lot of the discussion focused on a few reasons why bullying has become such an issue. Some reason included
  • School administrators who refuse to acknowledge their schools has a bullying problem,
  • Parents who feel it's just a part of growing up
  • Many kids don't know how to cope with the bullying they see happening or are experiencing themselves.
While many states have bullying laws in place many people don't know about them, much less how to enforce. It can all seem so over whelming and many parents dealing with their child being bullied feel so lost along with their child.

One constantly harassed 13-year-old told Smith, “They got inside my head. They did it because they knew it would hurt.” His mother said dropping him off at school was like “sending him off to war.” Tragically, more than 150 children have taken their own lives in recent years because they were victims of harassment in school and online.

Thankfully, CBS News/48 HOURS is airing “Bullying: Words Can Kill" on Friday, Sept. 16 (8:00 PM, ET/PT) to spread awareness. For six months, producers and camera crews were allowed in-depth access to the classrooms, cafeteria and gym at a Rhode Island middle school that is one of the few in the United States that has openly acknowledged it has a bullying problem and has taken action to address it.

Also on Friday, there will be a tweet-up online at 7:30 pm (EST) before the show starts. You can join in by following @48hours twitter account and using the #bullying #wordscankill hashtag

CBS News/48 HOURS has also provided resources to help those dealing with this issue. Families can find links, resources and tons of web extras on their website -

I'm also linking to some preview videos I hoped you'll watch and share to encourage others to watch “Bullying: Words Can Kill" on Friday, Sept. 16 (8:00 PM, ET/PT)

Tips for Parents -

A Mother's Story -

Meet the Kids -

Watch the show, share the information and resources, save our children!

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  1. This is one fear I have with all three of my kids. I can't help it. I will def watch this special and have my kids watch it too. Thanks!