Why I want to run away to Camp Orenda

by - 9/15/2011 06:01:00 PM

Recently I posted about Camp Orenda as a great place for families who wanted to "Get Back To Nature" and just enjoy time together. I liked that Orenda wasn't far way from the City and offered so many different activities. So when I received an invite to visit I was thrilled.

It's been a long while since I've been outside New York City much less hiking or camping. The demands of full time work, part time blogging and the never ending mommyhood meant I had very little time to do the things I use to.

Hike Mt Snow

Many people don't know this, but I used to LOVE hiking and being outdoors. That's right I wasn't always a city girl. One summer I visited Portland, Oregon and hiked up Mt Snow. The sight off the top of the mountain was amazing.

Hike New Paltz

Another summer I visited New Paltz and hiked a trail at the Mohonk Mountain House. It was so peaceful and nice. Every weekend I looked forward to getting out the city and finding a new place to hike.


Orenda Tent

As I planned my trip to Orenda I was so excited. Not only does Orenda offer hiking but also rafting, canoe and more. There's also activities just for kids. I could just picture my son enjoying the freedom to run around outside. I could also imagine me sitting quietly in the evening after enjoying the days activity. I really need some peace and quiet away from emails, cellphone and social media!

But for the last 2 weekends I had to postpone my plans to visit Orenda. First the hurricane nixed those plans, then my family requested my help with moving, THEN my son got sick. Now, this weekend projects were coming in and it looked like I would need to stay home and work the weekend. I was starting to panic that my little camping trip upstate to relax and unwind wasn't gonna happen.

Orenda Lake

I couldn't bear that thought so I worked like mad this week to get things done in time for a free weekend. Thankfully David, founder of Orenda, was understanding and flexible with the scheduling. I suspected he heard in my voice my desperate need to run away.

As I hung up the phone, I confirmed my Amtrak ticket and breathed a sigh of relief. This weekend my son and I are running away to relax and enjoy some "us" time before the holiday madness starts. If you need me put a message in a bottle and float it by the lake. I'll be there watching the sun set.

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