Blogalicious 2011 Conference Day 1 - The Speakers #Blogalicious11

by - 10/21/2011 06:41:00 PM

Since we arrived last night, my son and I were able to get some extra rest and prepare for whatever adventure today would bring. Good thing we did because the first day at the Blogalicious 2011 conference started off amazingly and was still going strong when time came for us to say goodnight.

Blogalicious Jesse Jones

After enjoying breakfast together, I dropped him off at the childcare suite and headed to the conference hall to hear the first presentation.

I was excited to hear JOHNSON & JOHNSON Presents: Your Passion CAN Be Your Life's Work with speaker Jesse Jones of U-Ology 101. During Jesse's presentation I, along with other attendees was blown away. Some great points that Jesse made included
  • Foundation Stage - Do we take time to care about the 50 people reading our blog, following us in social media, supporting our creative vision or are we busy trying to gain 500 other people instead? We need to support the ones who are there for us now, others will come later.
  • We need to develop an "army" with those that want to build with us. If you only have support from 2 people then great, build from there. Don't waste time with people who won't support you.
  • Don't enter a relationship based on what someone can do for you right now. Harness and grow real relationships. Don't deal with people who bail on you because they can't benefit somehow from you NOW.
  • Understand why there, why are you doing what your doing in YOUR space? Everyone has something unique about them even with compared to similar competition.
  • WE are the brand. Watch what you say on twitter and other social media sites. People are "shopping" when they visit your profile. What you tweet (post) is what people will use to form opinions about you. Make sure your tweets (posts) are inline with your brand identity and the message you want to share.
After that presentation I took a little break to check on my son, do some socializing and check out the brands at the expo. I'll have a separate post about that with photos.

Blogalicious Ted Rubin

The next presentation I attended was The Truth About Brands, Bloggers and ROI: A Conversation with PR Rockstars Speakers were Ted Rubin, Nancy Martira, Adrianna Giuliani, Don Moore. During this presentation the panelist talk about how bloggers and brands can build lasting relationships that are a win, win for both parties! Some great points that were made included
  • Be a content creator instead of just retweeting and having general conversation. Use twitter and other social media sites to share your thoughts, message, etc and real content,
  • If you reach out to brands for sponsorship, remember they plan budgets 12-18 mths in advance. If you can't work with a brand immediately, then plan ahead. Find out the brand plans or theme for the future and revise your pitch for better collaboration
  • Make it easy for brand to find local bloggers to work with. List your city and state on your business card.
Blogalicious 2011

After that presentation, cupcakes and candles were placed on all the tables to prepare us for the American Cancer Society Cupcake Party, where Susan of Toddler Planet shared her story as a survivor of breast cancer.

Blogalicious Amer Cancer Society
Blogalicious 2011

Susan encouraged everyone to move beyond awareness & into action so that more research can be done. Then everyone lite up their cupcake and sung happy birthday.

Blogalicious ChildcareBlogalicious 2011

After that another little break where I checked on the kid. So much for separation anxiety. LOL. He's was all settled and so far still doing good *proud mama*

Then I headed to my last presentation for the afternoon Creating Kick A$$ Content Online with speakers Lamar Tyler, Shawna Renee, Tara Jefferson. Attendees learned how to enhance Blog Talk Radio Shows, podcasts, written posts, vlogs and webisodes. Some great points that were made included

Blogalicious Shawna Renee

Shawna Renee - Pros to Live Streaming & Podcasting
  • Interactive
  • Current and timely
  • Easily re-purposed
  • Measurable

Blogalicious Tara Jefferson

Tara Jefferson - Writing Tips
  • Make your heading do double work by being specif and useful
  • Come up with one blog feature that uniquely you, that people want to keep coming back for. Ex wordless wednesday
  • Write shorter
  • Choose a different writing format from your usual, try a different style now and then.
  • Embrace guest posting

Blogalicious Lamar Tyler

Lamar Tyler - Benefits of Video
  • Gate keepers are gone
  • SEO
  • Stand out from the crowd
As you can see I learned a lot at the sessions I attended. I'm sure the other sessions, I didn't get a chance to attend were jam packed with tons more information. I can't wait for day 2

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  1. Sounds like you are having a great time. I love reading your report of the activities - and wish I could go to a conference like that some day.

  2. Great summary! Thanks for sharing, I'm learning from you. :) Also sounds like you and your son are having a great time!

  3. This is a great wrap-up!!! I loved all your takeaways, especially what Jesse Jones had to say! Sounds like it was a really fantastic conference!

  4. Love your blog!:) I became a GFC Follower, please follow my blog.