Halloween Shopping at Duane Reade for Candy & Memories

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In less then 2 short weeks Halloween will be here. While this isn't our first, it is the first Halloween my son can be an active participate who can help me shop for items. That is where the fun comes in. For me Halloween is more about having fun by dressing up and getting candy!

Halloween Shopping

I know many people go all out to have the scariest house on the block. But not me. For me I'd like to have the best candy! As a child when I went trick or treating on Halloween it was all about the candy. Same thing when I took my son trick or treating for the first time last year. He passed right by all the Halloween decorations and went straight for the candy.

This year we plan on staying local (aka home) and wanted to make sure we had good candy for the kids knocking on our door. Being a member of Collective Bias, I learned about a project needing someone to shop Duane Reade. Of course I signed up and then headed off to my local Duane Reade. I made a photo log of our shopping on Intersect. Just click on the image to see the photo and my commentary.

Halloween ShoppingHalloween Shopping
I don't know who was more excited to arrive at Duane Reade for some candy shopping. My son made sure to get his cart and "help" me pick out the candy for the kids.

Halloween ShoppingHalloween Shopping

He also checked out the Halloween decorations like this vampire Mickey Mouse and other items in store. You know, just in case his mom changed her mind and wanted to decorate.

The Duane Reade candy isle had lots of good price deals and variety of candy filled bags. After drooling over the selections, we found the items we need, filled our basket, and then checked out.

Halloween ShoppingHalloween ShoppingHalloween Shopping

Once home with the goodies, of course my son had to taste test some...you know for the sake of the kids that will knock on our door. We don't want them to be disappointed or anything.

As we dressed up and shared candy, I was happy I was able to make a fun memory for me and my son by doing a little shopping at my local Duane Reade

Please note: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

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  1. Looks like he loved going to the "candy store." He's going to have a good Halloween this year!