The reward for hard work? More work!

by - 10/05/2011 05:36:00 PM

At work this morning I started my day clearing out my over flowing mailbox. When I say over flowing I mean there was no more to put anything in there. Apparently my supervisor made some changes to the work flow but forgot to give me a heads up.

work shuffle

A few months ago work was piling up for me. There was just so much to get done and since I have to pick up my son instead of working late, my boss and supervisor made a decision to split the work with another person in our dept, who's clients were gonna be less busy for a while.

Did the split help me? Yes and no. The work got done a bit faster but having two different people working on one things can have some snags. But for the last 3 month we all found a way to get things done kicking and screaming :)

Am I surprised at the change back? Yes and no. It was discussed that the split was temporary while my boss and supervisor decided that best way to manage the work flow. But I didn't expect to not get a heads up about when things changed back.

So I emailed my supervisor to find out "officially" and she replied it will be discussed at the dept meeting tomor. Hmm. Somehow I think those papers in my inbox sorta nulls the conversation but what do I know right? Right. I will wait for the official word tomor.

As I look at my new pile I think all sorts of things....

For the most part it doesn't bother me. This is my work responsibility. It's not like I wasn't doing the work before. But tight work deadlines, while more work is coming in, can be hard. I wonder how the rest of this year will go.

As a working mom my priorities are in a different place. I watch that clock for 5pm because I know I have to pickup my son by 5:30. If work comes in at 4:45 then it has to wait till tomor. But then tomor comes with it own new work piling up on my desk. And so the juggle starts.

If I wasn't mom it'd be no problem. Come in early. Sure! Stay late? Sure! Work weekends? Sure! But I am a mom and a single one at that. There's only so much I can do between 9am to 5pm.

After 5pm and on the weekend I have to be at my other job. Just like my day job, my night and weekend job needs me there on time and ready to work. My 3 year old boss is just as demanding of my time and efforts. While at my 2nd job I get paid in gummy bears and kisses by a face covered in snot, I wouldn't short change this job for anything!

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  1. Its good to hear that you put your son first. Children are little for such a short time, and work can wait!

  2. The payment in snot trumps everything! Of course that would be your priority :)

  3. i hear you. the working mom's day should have at least 30 hours instead of the standard 24.

  4. Being a working mom is HARD. There's no way around that. It's just plain HARD. But, I feel like we're able to be better moms when we ARE home because we get to appreciate our little ones a bit more because we are away from them so often.

  5. A heads up about the change would have been courteous. I'm sure if the tables were turned you would have provided that courtesy. It's true you have 2 jobs, and both are demanding. You do the best you can do!