Fire Trucks, Feathers & Fireworks Weekend

by - 2/02/2012 10:24:00 AM

This past weekend was filled with so much activity. What was suppose to be a nice and calm weekend turned into a weekend filled with firetrucks, feathers and fire crackers!


This past weekend our day started with the smell of smoke and my landlady banging on someone's door. I wasn't sure what happened but I took no chances. I quickly dressed my son and myself and made a quick exit stage left!

On our way to the train station, we saw 3 fire trucks pull into our street and then watched as firemen with axes swarmed into our building to save the day...and hopefully my beloved laptop!

But that was just one morning this past weekend. The other morning started nice and normal. LOL

REI Family Day

On Saturday, we attended REI Family Day, where we learned all about camping as a family, how to walk in snow shoes and the different classes the REI stores offers families in the NYC area. Guess what? I even won a tent! Can you believe it?! I'm SO excited. I learned a lot and will share fully in a upcoming blog post so look out for it

Kids Club 13 New Victory TheaterKids Club 13 New Victory TheaterKids Club 13 New Victory Theater

On Sunday we headed off to a KidsClub13 event at The New Victory Theater to help launch 2012 Kids Weeks. There was lots of activities including puppet making, dance and movement, learning to balance a feather and playing actor dress up. My son chose to be a very serious little cowboy!

Chinese New Year paradeChinese New Year parade

After that we still had some time and since the weather was sunny and awesome we headed down to Chinatown for the Chinese New Year parade. Goodness, even though it was mid afternoon and the main part of the parade had ended, it was still a bit crowded.

Chinese New Year paradeChinese New Year paradeChinese New Year paradeChinese New Year parade

We did get to see some dragons and one passed very close to us but my son had no interest in getting close for a photo. No interest! So we enjoyed the rest of the festival activities and toured some of the booths.

By the end of our weekend I needed another weekend to recover! But we sure did have fun. What did you do this past weekend?

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  1. Sounds like a exciting weekend. I don't think we did anything this past weekend. Except watching movies at night as a family.

  2. What a fun weekend and you even won a tent! If you have room in your son's room you should set it up so it'll be like his secret fort. :)

  3. @Stacie, having a family movie night sounds great to me

    @BiculturalMama, I think the tent is bigger then my son's room. LOL