The snooze button is my new best friend

by - 2/22/2012 06:24:00 PM

For the past few days I've enjoyed some of the best sleep! Instead of waking up when I hear my alarm going off at 3am, I can immediately hit the snooze button. More then once! No worries about sleeping late!

snooze button

Not having to go to work or take my son to school (winter break) means we both can catch up on some needed sleep. I don't have to wake up extra early to check my emails or write a post. No 5am prep of making my son breakfast and packing his lunch. No fights with my son to wake up at 6am to have breakfast and get dressed and ready to meet the 7am bus to school.

*hit snooze button*
*hit snooze button*
*hit snooze button*

Getting those extra hours of sleep has been wonderful. My son wakes up with a smile instead of crying. I wake up more relaxed instead of harried from already stressing there's not enough time in the day for everything.

We wake up late, eat breakfast and then do whatever we want with our day. Ah!

I know next week the holiday break will be over and I'll have to hear my alarm again to get my son ready for school. Then I'll only be able to hit the snooze button once...or maybe twice.

How many times do you hit the snooze button?

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  1. Yeah, glad you can actually sleep in a bit more now. 3 am is way to early!

  2. It's nice to be able to get some extra sleep for a while, isn't it? But don't get too used to that snooze button, it can become a bad habit!