Hasbro Toy Fair Preview 2012

by - 3/21/2012 01:32:00 PM

This year the Hasbro's 2012 Toy Fair preview was stocked full of action toys. As a mom of a toddler boy I was excited to see a wide range of toys for boys.

Yes there was toys for girls also but you'll have to check the Hasbro 12 Toy Fair album on my facebook fan page to see those :) Some of the toys that caught my attention, and that I spent time playing with (of course) included:


Note: I was invited as media to the Hasbro showroom and received a gift bag after the event. Views expressed are always 100% my own.


PLAYSKOOL Sesame Street products features new ways to play with favorite characters including Super Grover 2.0, Abby Cadabby, Elmo and Bert and Ernie. Toddlers can cook along with Cookie Monster in an interactive kitchen, 'fly' off on adventure with Super Grover 2.0, play with Abby Cadabby at her fairy school and get ready for preschool with Elmo and friends.


The N-STRIKE ELITE blasters will officially launch on 8.1.12, with the most impressive blaster in the collection hitting shelves on 9.9.12. The N-STRIKE ELITE line will also introduce new VORTEX disc blasters, NERF SUPER SOAKER water blasters and the introduction of FIREVISION technology, an innovative enhancement featured in the debut FIREVISION SPORTS collection which allows for play in both daytime and dusk. Only those wearing NERF FIREVISION FRAMES eyewear will be able to see the action with NERF FIREVISION SPORTS Football and additional FIREVISION sports items once the lights go down.


With the G.I. JOE SNAKE EYES NINJA GEAR set, kids can wield an electronic sword with authentic ARASKIGAE design, which features special lights and ninja battle sounds, a SNAKE EYES role-play mask, and two NINJA THROWING STARS allowing them to play the part of their favorite Ninja hero.

The NINJA COMMANDO figures are 10-inch large-scale figures that feature quick-draw BATTLE-KATA and Ninja action. With the press of a button, figures magically “grab” weapons to arm themselves for battle. Figures also feature electronic sound effects and phrases available for in pack “Try Me.” Choose from the iconic Ninja SNAKE EYES and BATTLE-KATA skilled ROADBLOCK. (Figures sold separately.)



Hasbro's new Playskool line of Star Wars themed toys will be found on the preschool aisles and will include figures, playsets and vehicles included meant for kids getting involved with Star Wars at an younger age.


From sensational PLAY-DOH sweets to cool construction vehicle play, the 2012 line of PLAY-DOH products has something for everyone! Children can play with PLAY-DOH compound in a whole new way with the construction vehicle line that allows kids to dig, smash, and build with CHUCK THE DUMP TRUCK and his gang of builders!


From a lifelike lineup of realistic pets to collectible SNUGGIMALS pets, the FURREAL FRIENDS brand delivers pet play in every way. FURREAL FRIENDS brand will welcome a new pony to the family – BABY BUTTERSCOTCH, MY MAGICAL SHOW PONY pet, a miniature filly that features the most advanced technology of any FURREAL FRIENDS pet to date with sensors that helps it react to you touch. It even eats a carrot!




Hasbro is introducing new STAR WARS line called STAR WARS FIGHTER PODS, where, iconic STAR WARS characters get a gaming twist featuring micro heroes and mega battles! More than 100 STAR WARS FIGHTER PODS figures will be available in a unique new style from all six STAR WARS films and The Clone Wars animated series.



As the THE AVENGERS movie unites popular super heroes IRON MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, THE HULK and THOR, Hasbro delivers with innovative role-play items including the HULK GAMMA GREEN SMASH FISTS, the IRON MAN TRIPLE THREAT REPULSOR BLAST, the CAPTAIN AMERICA ATTACK SHIELD and the THOR THUNDERCLASH HAMMER. The toy line features action figures of the major characters and each will be available as a 10-inch ULTIMATE HERO figure, with electronic sound effects and an iconic battle action feature.


And with THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, Hasbro captures the movie's excitement with the MOTORIZED MEGA WEB SHOOTING SPIDER-MAN figure, Hasbro's biggest SPIDER-MAN action figure yet. This 13-inch, movie-styled figure is the ultimate in webshooting power: Watch as the motorized web shoots out of SPIDER-MAN'S wrist, then retracts and shoots out the other wrist, all with cool web slingin' SFX!

And, kids can finally control SPIDER-MAN as he wall-crawls with the new R/C SPEED CLIMBING SPIDER-MAN! This radio-controlled toy uses vacuum technology to allow SPIDEY to crawl along the walls just like in the film.


In the MARVEL UNIVERSE 3.75-Inch Action Figure line you find articulation, poseability, and spot-on design across a range of MARVEL COMICS heroes and villains. This year’s lineup of great classic characters from the MARVEL COMICS universe features heroes and villains from various teams like THE AVENGERS, THE INHUMANS and ALPHA FLIGHT.

Each MARVEL UNIVERSE COMIC 2-PACK includes a reprint of an iconic MARVEL COMIC and two unique MARVEL UNIVERSE 3.75-inch action figures straight out of the comic! Each pack sold separately.

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