Getting Organized for Spring with the April #GetButtonedUp Challenge

by - 4/01/2012 12:11:00 PM

During my recent trip to Chicago to become a Hoover Dirt Devil Insider, I had the chance to hangout with the other bloggers also invited to connect with the Hoover and Dirt Devil team.

Sarah GetButtonedUp

While I enjoyed meeting all the women, I really hit it off with Sarah of GetButtonedUp. For some funny reason after the moment we met, Sarah and I found ourselves hanging out as duo.

What even more funny is while hanging out we shared how we like to be alone! We had a good laugh over that. As we got to know each other, we discover we had many other things in common. For example we both like clean organized personal spaces. We're both NOT a fan of clutter and struggle with battling it in our lives as moms with active families.

What's great about Sarah is that she has a blog FOCUSED on dealing with clutter and finding ways to live a more organized way. Every month the GetButtonedUp site offers a 30 day challenge to help get your home thoroughly organized and sparkling clean by taking small steps. What I LOVE about these challenges is your not alone. Each day when you check in you receive motivation and support to keep going. Also along the way there's some cool rewards!

This month I plan on joining the April GetButtonedUp Challenge

If your looking to do something fun and different that will get you organized and back on track then join the April GetButtonedUp Challenge with me!

I just know you'll like Sarah and her website as much as I do. Here's to having an amazing start with Spring cleaning and organizing.

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  1. The Get Buttoned Up challenge sounds interesting. What's weird is that I care about having an organized house...but not so much a clean house. I just can't get myself to scrub bathtubs, floors, etc. But my kitchen drawers are uber-organized! Oh well :)

  2. Aw thanks Onica. AM definitely in the camp of: so glad we met!

    Now, zis is Helga speaking: did you do zee challenges for ze first zree days? Ja - you have to check in vwis me so I don't have to come and yell at you for falling off ze vagon. Let me know if you aren't getting ze daily emails because some people have had zat problem.


  3. @Sarah, Ha ha. I'm gearing up to tackle my daily challenges. The email reminders came though fine. Thanks for checking on me :)

    @Jennifer, I hear ya. To enjoy scrubbing floors take a special kinda commitment to cleaning. LOL