I Want Peace & Quiet for Mother's Day

by - 5/13/2012 01:06:00 AM

Today I woke up 1am and laid in bed thinking of what I want for today. This will be my 4th Mother's Day and it was hard earned. This year of motherhood has been filled with so many challenges (good and bad) and to be very honest more then anything else I would like a day of rest. A day of NOT dealing with anything. A day of peace and quiet from it all.

Zen Mom

For the last few weeks there's been constant chatter about what gifts to give mother's. From the extravagant to the simple, gift ideas have been in abundance. I have no doubt that many moms will appreciate such gifts. But I suspect many of us would forgo all those gifts for a day where we didn't have to do or hear anything. A day where we're turned off and can stand still.

I know I would.

After a year filled with
  • battling the personality of a 3 year old who morphed from my sweet son to a terror child
  • battling the special education school system to provide the proper services for my son instead of labeling and disguarding him
  • battling a frustrating job situation (that lead me to quit)
  • and the ever present never ending family drama and obligations....
I need a break! Today I will take one. From everything.

This Mother's Day the best gift anyone can give me is peace and quiet. Happy Mother's day to everyone!

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  1. Happy Mother's Day!!! ((Hugs)) I agree 100%. Peace and quiet is the best gift EVER.

  2. I knew it! :) Enjoy your day and hope you get some peace and quiet

  3. happy mother's day!!!!!

    (from a mom getting absolutely no peace-and-quiet today, but at least the joyful sounds of my very lound children)

  4. Sorry no peace and quiet for you but at least the noise if joyful. Enjoy it! :)

  5. Hoping you get the day you want! Happy Mother's Day! *Hugs*

  6. Happy Mother's Day to you, too! I would have loved to sleep in today, but DD work up at 6:30 am (better than her 5:30 am yesterday though). Hope you have a good Mother's Day!

  7. Thanks for the good day wishes. There's nothing like a mommy time out. LOL Hope everyone enjoyed their day