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We arrived safe and sound in Philadelphia. After a brief train ride on the Market-Frankford Line (10min? Even that?!) to our hotel location, we checked in, did a quick change to something more cooler (it's super hot in Philly) and headed back our to meet the ladies from With Love Philadelphia/Greater Philadelphia Tourism for lunch at The City Tavern

The City Tavern

The City Tavern restaurant is 18th-century Colonial themed which highlights and recreates the inn where the Founding Fathers frequently wined and dined. Staff and servers wear Colonial garb from that time period. I think my son was amused by the outfits. The staff was friendly, very helpful and didn't mind posing for photos. I confess they spoke in modern day english. I was sorta hoping they'd speak in 18th-century Colonial slang. Ha!

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After arriving we were quickly seated down for lunch. The restaurant decor is period based with wooden tables and chairs. They also serve drinks in tankards so unless you don't mind your child spilling their beverage on table, like my son did with his water, it best to bring a sippy/toddler cup.


For lunch I order Cornmeal Crusted Chicken Tenders for my son and Chicken Breast a la Franklin for myself and it was amazing. It was also amazing my meal came with a glass of wine. I liked that for the meals the waiter described any historic background in detail. Even the bread and biscuits had some history behind them. You really got a feel for how and why the colonial people and founders ate some of these dishes. I think that's a nice touch that helps you enjoy a meal.

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Please Note: Lunch was covered by Greater Philadelphia Tourism team. No other compensation was received. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

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  1. City Tavern is delicious! We sat out back when we we went. :) I think they even had a harpist playing when we went! Hope you enjoyed it!