Seeing Marvel Superheroes Trucks at Monster Jam 'Path of Destruction' Show

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After our VIP Tour of Obstacle Course, we had fun watching the Party in the Pits performances, before watching the Ceremonial Truck Parade. Then it was time for the grand finale, seeing the Monster Jam "Path of Destruction" show.

Monster Jam Path of Destruction show

Please Note: My hotel, travel and family tickets are being covered so I can attend and review the Monster Jam show. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

For sure my son and uncle was excited to see the show. But I was beyond excited to see the Marvel Superheroes Trucks. I was really interested in the Spider Man truck and it's driver Bari Musawwir, since I heard he was the 1st Monster Jam black driver. Can you believe that?!

I kept wondering, will the trucks doing tricks and jumps? Did they look like the Superheroes they were names after? It was time to find out!

Monster Jam Path of Destruction show
Monster Jam Path of Destruction show

Walking into the M&T Bank Stadium was an incredible feeling. You could literally feel the energy already. We found our seats, got some snacks and settled in for the main show.

Since I had forgotten my son's ear muffs back at the hotel, I had to use foam plugs. I worried he would try and take them out but he was to distracted by everything else to fuss with them very much. Later I would be so thankful for those plus because the show is REALLY loud.

It wasn't long before the Monster Jam trucks came out and the show started. I immediately spotted the Marvel Superheroes Trucks including Iron Man, Spider Man and Captain American.

Monster Jam Path of Destruction show
Monster Jam Path of Destruction show

Other trucks on the obstacle course included Hot Wheels Firestorm, Monster Energy and clear crowd favorite Grave Digger! The crowd went nuts when this truck came out!

My son of course join the crowd in cheering for the trucks. For a little boy a show like this must be the happiest moment in his life. I suspect for many of the men in the crowd also!

Monster Jam Path of Destruction show

For the next few hours we were treated to amazing high jumps, trucks demolishing anything in their path that included cars, buses and even a mini van!

Monster Jam Path of Destruction show

Amazingly, drivers came out their trucks and greeted the fans. They posed for photos and giveaway prizes to the delight of their adoring fans. I was delighted when George Balhan, driver of Mohawk Warrior, came into our seating section to meet fans and give out a prize!

Monster Jam Path of Destruction show

Soon after the show ended and I had a very tired little boy on my hands. He was worn out and fell completely asleep . But before leaving, I had the chance to meet and greet the drivers (along with their other fans) in the after show autograph line.

As you can see in the top picture, my son slept through the meeting. But on his behalf I was able to thank the drivers for such an amazing show. Those guys were great!

As you can see I had a blast seeing the Monster Jam "Path of Destruction" Show. I think it's a great show for a families.

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