Playmobil Toys Summer & Holiday 2012 Preview

by - 6/26/2012 05:15:00 PM

Today I was given a preview of some of the summer and holiday toys available from PlayMobil. During the preview I noticed that PlayMobil line of toys had little or no high tech gadgets, etc. One of the things I liked about PlayMobil toys previewed today, is that they allowed children to use their imagination during pretend play.

Playmobil Toys Summer Playmobil Toys Summer

My 1st favorite item from the preview was the My Take Along Soccer Match ($59.99). It comes complete with 6 adorable athlete figures that can really kick, soccer field and accessories! Kids are also able to use a goal joystick kids to control the goalies’ movements from behind the goal net. Best of all it's self contained, it folds to a compacted and travel ready size. Recommended for ages 5 and.

playmobil9Playmobil Toys Summer

My very close 2nd favorite items was The Future Planet play set ($129.99) Based on a mission to the year 2113, the E-Rangers are battling the Dark Rangers for possession of the precious energy crystals needed to survive. I like that this set introduces science and technology in a fun way with vehicles with infrared remote controls and a real working solar panel. Recommended for ages 7 and up to ten.

Other playset I saw during the preview

Playmobil Toys Summer
Playmobil Toys Summer Playmobil Toys Summer

Pirate Adventure Island ($129.99) which combines role play with a mystery puzzle mission. Redcoat soldiers and pirates are trying to reach the secret treasure locked within the rocks. Before that door will open, all of the magic coins hidden around the island must be collected and laid down in the correct order.

Playmobil Toys Summer
Playmobil Toys Summer Playmobil Toys Summer

Princess Fantasy Castle ($149.99) includes a life size tiara, bracelet and ring that will delight every little princess. Young girls can star as the princess in all of their romantic stories with splendid chambers, a revolving dance floor, elaborate towers, and a grand staircase leading to the upper floor.

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