Avoiding a mismatched family

by - 8/16/2012 06:19:00 PM

Today we met up with Gabe to hangout for a bit...as a family. To be very honest I've been sorta avoiding him and the whole step family issue since our last meeting. I wasn't sure if I wanted that. To be a step family. With him.

step family

But for months now we've been texting back and forth without a clear yes or no on the subject. With today's text to meet-up, it seemed the right moment to finally settle the issue.

After meeting up we headed to the park. It was nice day to let my son run around, while I discussed the future plans and goals. This would also give me a clue how Gabe and my son would interact.

step family

I will spare the hours of details but it was clear to me that Gabe wasn't there to "be" with us. In truth after spending all those hours together, I wasn't sure why Gabe came to meet us.

There was a distance between him and us. While I can deal with the distance between me and him, I can't deal with the distance between him and my son.

There was a distance between this man who wanted to be in my life, and the person who was my life. A distance I didn't understand. A distance I think would always be there. A distance that made us mismatched.

The step family issue has finally been settled. For now my son and I will remain a family of two.

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