Jaguar Chill NY Experience & XJ / XF 2013 Cars #ChillNY #JagAWD

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Today we headed out to visit the Jaguar Chill NY experience at the High Line Park. To celebrate the ALL Wheel Drive technology available in Jaguar's XF and XJ luxury sedans, the company created a unique three-day winter experience with complimentary ice skating, refreshments and appearances by Two-Time Olympian and World Bronze Medalist figure skater Johnny Weir and former NY Rangers Chris and Peter Ferraro.

Jaguar Chill NY Experience

Please Note: I was invited as media but the event was free and open to the public. No compensation was received. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

Before enjoying all the activities, I was able to learn more about the latest All Wheel Drive and V6 capabilities of Jaguar XJ and XF 2013 models.
Jaguar AWD uses a "performance-oriented rear-drive bias" which can shift power to the front wheels to either pre-empt or counter wheel slip. Jaguar’s AWD employs an active power transfer control technology that adds the benefit of enhanced all-season traction while retaining the sporty agility and steering feel of the rear-wheel drive versions. The AWD system is paired with a new supercharged 340 horsepower 3-liter V6 engine
Since bad weather can strike at any time, Jaguar engineers spent 18 months testing the new all-wheel drive system in a variety of conditions, including the frozen lakes of the Jaguar Land Rover development facility in northern Sweden.

While the Jaguar XJ 2013 is pricey at $76K+, Jaguar does offers moderately priced cars with the same Jag AWD technology like the Jaguar XF 2013 priced from $53,000

Jaguar Chill NY ExperienceJaguar Chill NY ExperienceJaguar Chill NY ExperienceJaguar Chill NY Experience

After getting our photo taken with the Jaguar XJ, we went off to meet Former NY Rangers, Chris and Peter Ferraro, in the snow globe. Chris and Peter Ferraro were on site giving hockey tutorials and tips to the kids.

Jaguar Chill NY Experience

My son wanted to join in the hockey play but I opted out. He's needs to learn how to stand on ice skates first. While my son didn't get a chance to ice skate (which he wasn't happy about), instead he was able to take a photo with Chris and Peter, who were really nice.

Jaguar Chill NY ExperienceJaguar Chill NY Experience

To help my son feel better, we headed over to the the CoolHaus ice cream truck for a treat. The truck offered customized cookie covers and ice cream sandwiches, which were so yummy.

Jaguar Chill NY ExperienceJaguar Chill NY ExperienceJaguar Chill NY ExperienceJaguar Chill NY Experience

After getting our treat, we headed over the lounge area. There my son enjoyed his treat and I enjoyed the free wifi, charging station and learning about the Jaguar/GQ LIVE! App which allows you to hover over the pages of the GQ magazine with your iphone/smartphone to watch the Jaguar ads come to life with dynamic video to interactive features and more.

Thanks to the Jaguar team for a very cool Saturday morning.

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  1. Looking good in front of the Jaguar! Looks like the event was a ton of fun for you and your son. Plus you got to meet pro atheletes - very cool!

  2. The event was very fun and family friendly. It even snowed inside the globe! Meeting hockey legends and getting to check out the latest Jaguar were very cool perks