Should Mother's Defend Children Against Bullies?

by - 9/21/2012 02:29:00 PM

Today I was surfing around when I came across 2 very interesting articles that made me pause.

mother protecting child

As my son gets closer to going to kindergarten, my concern about dealing with bullies is increasing. Not only do children bully each other but it seem teachers can also be the bully.

The first article from the Atlanta Black Star was about a Teacher slaps 15 y/o student 4 times in the face. Why? Because the student left her binder home. Can you believe that?! The teacher's excuse? She was "acting out a scene from “Bridemaids” in which one character smacks some sense into another character"

What. The. Hell.

When is it ever OK for an adult teacher to slap their teenage student in the face?! In class. Causing humiliation.

If I was the mother of that girl I would be PISSED. Which sorta lead me into the next article where a mother is facing child abuse charges after fighting with a teenager who was bullying her son. Not only was this boy bullying her son, when this mom confront him about it he got a bit disrespectful. Which caused the mom to get a bit physical

Now, let me go on record here and say no I don't agree that adults should beat up on children. BUT I also don't believe that children should step out their place with adults. Especially when that child is bullying my son!

As I sit here writing this post, I look over at my son playing nicely next to me. At this moment I can say I hope I would handle a situation like that different. That I would find a non violent way of dealing with a child who's bulling my son.

But the reality is when it comes to my son, just the thought of someone looking at him cross-eyed is enough to make me put my hair in a pony tail, get out the sneakers and Vaseline and stand ready to fight on his behalf. That's the role of a mother and father.....we protect. Going to school shouldn't be an abusive experience. That's not why we send our children to school!

I dunno what things will be like in less then 2 years when my son officially enters the school system, but I think it's a good idea to start saving the bail money now.

What do you think about bullying in schools? How have you deal with someone (teacher or student) bullying your child?

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  1. I'll admit I have wanted to put my hands on a child or two over the years. Kids seem to have SO much less discipline and rearing these days and it's painfully apparent that many parents are simply NOT fulfilling their responsibilities to teach these children proper ways to behave! That being said, as an adult, we have to exhibit self control and not display behaviors that are inappropriate, like becoming physically violent or losing our temper when dealing with a child who has offended our own, whether that be verbally or physically. I am a parent who WILL defend my children against a bully but I will do so in a manner that supports my role as an ADULT and adheres to legal standards as well.

  2. I would definitely go the usual route of talking with teachers/parents, etc. Sure, I'd feel like getting in the kids face. But at this time, the parents are to blame for his/her behavior. But I would do whatever I could to keep my kid safe, even if it meant changing schools or homeschooling.

  3. This is the reason both of my daughters are black belts in karate should the need arise where they must defend themselves. My little boy will go through karate as well. As parents it is important to stay in close communication with teachers, the principal and counselors. We live in much different times now. It's scary out there!

  4. A subject I've thought about since Chunks got on the playground lol from watching the way way my mother and godmother and now my friends handle the situations w bullies I don't think as an adult I would approach the bully (kid) first but go the teacher/parent route. To avoid child abuse charges I am also a firm believer in "bring your mother outside"! Lol Lord I pray we don't have to use that bail money but I'm saving up right along w you

  5. Bullying is so scary! It's important to talk to your kids a lot about how they would handle situations with bullies. My 6 year old son likes a lot of non-traditional boy things, like bling and ballet and has very little interest in sports. I've spoken to him quite a bit about what he would do if someone--kid or grownup--made fun of him. He has already told off a couple of he gets older, I'm sure it would get harder. I'm totally comfortable telling off an adult who bullies or reasoning with a kid...I'd keep control of my body and voice, though, because, ifI get loud or violent, what does that teach my kids about how they should handle themselves? My husband would have to be left at home, because I'm not sure he wouldn't wring a bully's neck!

  6. I hate that I know at some point in every kid's life bullying will take place. I was bullied during some points of my life as a child and I don't want my child to experience the same thing. But I know it's going to happen. She is not in school yet, but even at playgrounds you start to see the behavior emerge in kids. It's scary.

  7. Bullying has gotten out of hand and many teachers do not want to get involved and will ignore it.

    I ask my child to let me know what's going on.

    I will also watch for the signs, because believe me, I'm their loudest and most effective defender in this society until they get onto their own feet and go out to test the world as adults.

  8. I'm a mother of 5, because my children have been homeschoolers they haven't had this encounters. Now, this new school year they are attending traditional school, and each are thrilled about the whole experience minus the homework. :)

    My husband and I continue open discussions with the children, and it also helps us in keeping on top of any happenings. In the event of bullying, my first approach would be to meet with school administration, child's parents/child, parent co-ordinator. If no resolve, then other options will be considered.

    Much like Shelly, our children take Martial Arts. It offers tremendous benefits, and I strongly encourage when children are at an age to understand what it entails, get them involve.