My Laundry Helper is Growing Up

by - 10/14/2012 11:09:00 AM

Today, I woke up nice and early since I wanted to head to the public laundromat for a quick load of laundry. In our neighborhood you need to get in early if you want to get the smaller and reasonable priced machines. If you get to the laundromat late then you have to use one of the bigger over priced machines or wait and wait and wait for the smaller ones to become available.

This might not sound like a problem until one family comes with about 5 bags of laundry. 5 bags that they want to wash back to back leaving you waiting and waiting and waiting.

Yeah, I wasn't about to deal with that so I planned to head out early. But we all know how plans go when you have kids right?

Preschool Laundry HelperPreschool Laundry Helper

My son decided he wanted to wake up early and come with me to the laundromat. Now that wasn't part of my plan. My plan was for him to stay at home with my sister and his grandma while I enjoy some quiet laundry time. He wasn't hearing that. After a morning tantrum of tears....he was dressed and on his way to do laundry with me.

At the laundromat he helped put the blanket into the washer, helped put the coins in and tried helping put the laundry detergents in. Yeah right about there is when I cut off his "helping" privileges and sent him to sit down with a video game.

The blanket was washed and dried without any fuss. We soon packed the blanket into the cart and got ready to head back home.

Right about then my son insisted on "helping" again. He wanted to push the cart. All by himself. With no help from me.

As I watched him push the cart I noticed how tall he has grown. Before the cart was taller then him and he needed my help to push and make turns. No more. My son is now able to pushed the cart all the way home. By himself. He turned around people and avoided side walk holes. By himself.

I can't believe how much he can now himself....very soon he wont be a "helper" anymore.

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  1. Aww, what a great moment to have with your boy! They grow so quickly. I know what you mean when you talk about him being so tall. My son is to the point that he can go without a step stool for some things. I love the sweet pictures of your big boy ♥

  2. What a big boy and such a good helper! I use to have one of those metal carts when I lived in the city. Made carrying heavy things SO much easier!