How My Preschooler Gave Me Lunch Packing Lessons

by - 10/12/2012 11:20:00 AM

Now that my son is in a new preschool, I've had to learn to do some new and different learning how to pack a lunch. I didn't need to learn before since my son's other daycare/preschool provided meals. Nice and simple.

But not anymore. Now I had to learn how to pack a lunch each and every day.

packing preschool lunch box

Note: I received a product sample for review purpose. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

So what have I learned these pass few weeks of lunch packing? Quite a lot.

First thing I learned is you need a good container. A good container helps you organize and keep your child's lunch worthy of eating. In the beginning I experimented with different containers and quickly found out you need compartment to keep the grapes away from the jelly sandwich. Or else your child wont eat grapes with the bread crumbs on them. I'm not kidding. My son doesn't like food that has bits of other foods on them.

The second thing I learned is the container needs to be a good size to fit both the lunch and then IN the tiny book bag. Again I learned the hard way. I wont go into details but trust me, no child wants to carry around an extra bag cause his snack can't fit in his lunch container.

preschool packing lunch bag

The third thing I learned came as sort of a fluke. Usually I do all the prep and packing and then hand off to the bus lady during the morning pick up. Apparently my son wasn't please to be left out the process.

I started noticing him coming into the kitchen while I was preparing and packing his lunch. At first I thought he wanted to make sure I added the snacks he likes instead of a yucky veggie. He's not fond of veggies right now. This was sort of true.

He did remind me which snacks to pack. Then he started telling me what type of sandwiches to make. Then he started wanting to help get items out the fridge. Pretty soon he was involved in the whole process from start to finish.

At that point I learned my third lesson. Let the kid in on the fun. They want to be part of the process also. I'm sure when he take his lunch out at school, he's so excited because

  • That sandwich he's munching on? He helped make it!
  • Those snacks? He helped pick them out!
  • That container his lunch is in? He helped put the lunch in there!

Who knew that my learning how to pack my son's lunch could lead to such awesomeness?! I have to admit the containers I started using for my son's lunch did helped.

New Wave's Tinted Stainless Steel Food Container with Dividers

I used New Wave's Tinted Stainless Steel Food Container with Dividers. The dividers are great for snacks such as crackers, fruits, and veggies. But if your kid is like my son you'll probably never get to put veggies in them. The #304 food grade stainless steel containers are great for keeping my son lunch cool and are easy to cleanup and wash. The container are completely stainless both top and bottom with colored covers: Earth, Water, Summer

Do you pack your child school lunch? What lunch packing lesson have you learned?

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  1. How cute! I would love these for my daughters since they take lunch from home daily.

  2. Very interesting piece of article.I really like the food container.Its so awesome that your child will surely like it.