Stonz Weather Proof Kids Booties, Hats and Mittens

by - 11/11/2012 07:34:00 AM

Stonz, the award-winning creator of baby boots and infant and children’s outerwear, recently unveiled its complete 2012 line-up of their popular Booties, Hatz and Mittz that keep little hands, feet and heads warm and safe through many seasons.

Stonz Toddler Youth Mittz

New for 2012, Stonz has completely redesigned their Toddler/Youth Mittz. The mitts are a go-to favorite for active outdoor families, as the “over the arm” design and five layers of warmth ensure maximum protection. Importantly, convenient toggle clasps keeps the warm mitts in place.

The new-and-improved Stonz Mittz now include:
  • Clips to ensure mitts don’t get lost
  • Back of thumb fleece, to relieve wet noses
  • A more natural shape and increased flexibility, built to mimic a hand’s natural curve
  • Extra-long sleeves to cover outerwear and prevent the weather from entering
  • Durable weatherproof outer shell due to water and wind-resistant coated nylon
  • Inventive toggle system allowing the child to fasten his or her own mitts
  • Improved insulation with Thinsulate™, an extra-thin layer that keeps the mitts soft and flexible

Stonz Booties

Stonz signature award-winning Booties have eight new designs to choose from this year, including: Cherries; Heart; Heart with Wings; Butterfly; Flames, Robot, Monkey and Sneaker. The new designs complement Stonz existing 17 options to provide shoppers a full range of style options.

Stonz’ durable nylon and fleece-lined baby boots are designed to easily slip over socks, slippers, shoes or bare feet, and are fastened securely in place by two adjustable toggles. The unique Booties also cover up well into the calf area to protect both feet and exposed ankles, particularly when they are dangling from strollers or carriers.

Stonz fleece Reversible and Pointed Hatz

Rounding out the Mittz and Booties collection, Stonz also offers durable fleece Reversible Hatz and Pointed Hatz in corresponding colors and designs, enabling children to bundle up in style.

The baby boots, liners, hats and mitts are all handmade with high-quality fabrics and come in a wide variety of styles. The collection retails between $18.95 and $46.95 USD (MSRP) and is available at select retailers throughout North America, Europe and Japan as well as on and

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