Holiday Crafting with Driscoll's Berries

by - 12/04/2012 07:39:00 AM

There is nothing like the vibrant colors of reds and greens to get you in the holiday spirit! This is exactly how I felt as I walked into the Very Berry Holiday Craft blogger event hosted by Driscoll's berries.


Please Note: I was invited as media to cover the event. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

Written by DeAndra` A. Harrison, Guest Blogger from Taste My Buds


If guests were not in the holiday spirit before you got they arrived, they were going to be once they left! Everything was decorated beautifully, the colors, the berries, the atmosphere, all so inviting.

When the guests checked in, they had to find their seat at the table. Which was creatively identified by picture frame that included the name of their blog, name and twitter icon.


Once I was settled in, I took myself of a little tour. At the children's craft area, I was able to snap a few pictures before they all sat down. Each child was able to make their very own chocolate reindeer with lots of extra goodies for toppings. I'm sure they were having a blast as I walked past a lot of chocolate-covered faces and fingers.


Next was the beverage area. I must say the waiting staff was rather pleasant, including the bartender that added strawberries so my sparkling water although it was to go with the alcoholic beverages.


Once everyone arrived, it was time for the adults to play! Craft Expert Melissa Klein took the floor and shared with us what we would be working on this afternoon and the different uses of our craft.

We were provided with all of our supplies, the crowd cheered and the competition began, the winner would receive a years worth of berries and more!


Now clearly, I was not in it to win it, I would be lucky enough if I actually finished, since I was talking so much! It wasn't until I started looking around the room that I decided to kick myself into high gear! Needless to say that I finished, but it wasn't my best work

Although my masterpiece did not make the cut, the overall event was lots of fun and the strawberry tree was something that I will definitely be incorporating into my holiday decor.

To learn about other holiday crafts you can make with Driscoll's Berries, visit the site

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