Monsters, Sick Child & Lack of Sleep

by - 12/06/2012 05:16:00 AM

Yesterday was a rough day. Early in the morning, my son woke me up about 3 times to scare away his nighttime monster away. Usually his monster can be scared away with a loud "Go Away Monster" and hug to let him know I'm there. But not this morning.

Sick Child

This monster must have been different because he just wasn't going away and I wasn't getting any sleep. Not a good combination. By the 3rd time my son woke me up, I had it with this Monster and it was in some serious trouble. It took some strong mom magic but we finally got rid of the monster. By then I noticed my son had a fever, it was almost time to get ready for school and I hadn't really slept yet

Neither my son or I was in any shape to get ready for school so I decided it was best to keep him home to rest and see what his fever was about. I'm glad I did.

During the day, my son slept, ate breakfast, slept, woke up to vomited, and slept some more.

I felt so bad for him. It's been a while since my son has really been so sick and tired that he slept most of the day. I stay with him and while I knew there's not a lot I can do to speed the "getting better" process, as his mom I tried to find little ways to help him feel better.

Eventually, the fever broke, the vomiting ended and he felt awake enough for a walk outside. Well I walked, he sat in a stroller. On the way back home, I picked up some homemade Chicken noddle soup which we shared for lunch. He stayed awake for a few hours after that so we watched TV and cuddle....till we both feel asleep.

And we slept, and slept and slept till about 10pm. Well I did anyway. He for the most part kept sleeping. After doing a few things and answering some emails, I joined him back in sleep.

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  1. Maybe the monster was the fever monster. Glad he got better and you two got some sleep time!

  2. I hope that monster doesn't visit again. He's not welcome :)