Over 40 Females Holiday Networking Event for Toys for Tots

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Over 40 Females, a networking platform for women over 40, recently hosted a Holiday Networking Celebration at the Paramount Hotel Restaurant benefiting Toys for Tots. Covering the event was DeAndra, who's one of our guest writers.


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Note: I was invited as media to cover the event. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

During the networking event, DeAndra was able to donate a box of toys on behalf of The Mommy Factor, along with interviewing Over 40 Females founder, Judy Gross, who's had a successful career in the corporate world, managed to start an organization, be a loving wife and a dedicated mother of twins.

How do you balance motherhood and an expanding business?

Judy Gross: When I'm work, the way I balance is to make sure all of my little boxes get all of my attention at the appropriate time. When I'm at work, I give a 150% and when I'm at home the kids, I give the same 150%. Sometimes that doesn't always happen, so balance that type of thing its like a juggling act and I have to do two at a time. I may send a text message or email while I'm with the kids, I just make sure it's not all the time. Then I'm lucky enough to have a great husband, he is so supportive and he is so excited about Over 40 Females. So that's a great energy shift that I can take and spin out to my kids or my company.


What was your "ah-moment" behind creating Over 40 Females?

Judy Gross: It was like a lightning bolt that hit me on January 1, 2010. I was working for MORE Magazine and was turning 40 at the time. I was very passionate about that time in my life and the magazine actually wrote a whole article about me. I already had the passion of women over 40, women who were approaching 40 and feeling that life transition. Then I got laid off from the magazine, but I left on good terms and a great severance, so I wanted to make good use of my time.

I took the fact that I had traveled all around the world meeting different women and having to turn them down because they weren't a good fit for the magazine. So I decided to write about them. I started a blog to highlight the women that I met to make them feel good about themselves. After sharing different stories about these women on my blog, someone said to me "why don't you start a Facebook group?" I thought what a great idea! There were 300 women in a week that genuinely joined the group. Then it came to me, these women need to meet in person. This launched our first event which was here in the city April 2010, we have been growing ever since.

What is the concept behind Over 40 Females?

Judy Gross: During the first event, there were 70 women in attendance and a ton of sponsors hosting giveaways. It was a really fun event. That's when I came up with the motto "Connect, Encourage, Inspire!"I wanted to keep having events to learn from these women; what they want, where they were going and what they're looking for. After a year of that, I started replicating the event around the country in different cities.


What do you want women to gain from the Over 40 Females Organization?

Judy Gross: I want them to learn about what they need, leave feeling inspired and I want them to encourage people that same way we do.

What advice can you extend to women under 40?

Judy Gross: A piece of advice would be if you want to do something do it! The impossible is possible. Pick what you want, really believe in it and go for it.

During the rest of the event Judy Goss, Founder & CEO of Over 40 Females and Beth Mercante, COO of Over 40 Females hosted the evening with guests including Nancy Duffy (Over 40 Females Managing Director of Chapter Development), Jade Albert (Photographer), Lillian Gottlieb (Owner of Sassy Zen/Anabel New York), Peg McDonald (Landscape Designer at Landscape Artistry), Maura Griffin (CEO at Blue Spark Capital Advisors), Sheila Rubin (President at D’Vercity NYC LTD) and Mykola Webster (Agency Director/Model Manager at DIRECT Model Management).


Guests networked, mingled and introduced themselves and their companies to the group in order to further “Connect, Encourage and Inspire” each other. After introductions over $2,000 in raffle prizes were awarded including a one hour signature reading with celebrity psychic Thomas John, a luxurious skincare set from La Prairie at The Ritz-Carlton Spa, a day of beauty from Angelo David Salon, a pair of Jason Wu Sunglasses by MODO, a Moroccan Oil gift set and a Calico Juno Designs necklace.

Over 40 Females™ combines education with pampering at every event, along with providing a platform for every woman to stand up and be heard. Events are designed to help women over the age of 40 with personal and professional networking, in order to enhance their lives and careers, while also affording them the opportunity to “Connect, Encourage and Inspire.”

Members and non-members also have to opportunity to win raffle prizes as well as receive amazing gift bags.

To learn more about Over 40 Females and to find events in your area, visit - www.over40females.com

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