Answering "why" my son has to go to sleep

by - 1/18/2013 04:30:00 PM

Usually getting my son to go to sleep is no problem. For the most part, he's always been a good sleeper. Each night after we do the bedtime routine, he'll go lay down and Zzzzz. No fuss no fight. But every once in a while, for some odd reason only known to kids, my son wont go to sleep without a fight. This week I had one of those nights.

child not ready for sleep

So the bedtime routine went down without any problems. But as my son laid in bed, I noticed he was doing A LOT of talking. Normally this is fine since sometimes he wants to tell me something about his day. Sometimes he'll share about what he did on the playground, other times he'll share who didn't come to school that day. Simple thoughts like this.

But not this night. His little mind must have been filled with all sort of stuff because he just kept talking about everything and anything he could think of! At one point he wanted to know if I want to find the shapes in the bedroom.

I thought to myself....Ummm. No kid. I don't want to find the triangle in the bedroom at 8pm in the night! But of course I can't say that so I counter with..."Lets find the shapes tomorrow when you wake up from SLEEPING". I emphasized the sleeping part but he was not swayed. He pressed on!

He started singing. Yes singing. First it started with simple songs like twinkle twinkle little star. But then he warmed up to the idea and started belting out the Hokey Pokey. Which he can't fully sing all the way but that wasn't stopping him. At that point I had to grab my smartphone and record it. I bet after listening to the video recording below, you'll chuckle along with me.

After his mini concert, I had enough and once again stressed..."It's time to go to sleep" at which point my son (wide awake and showing no signs of sleeping) counters my question with the dreaded "But WHY mommy"?

Yes folks, he pulled out the "but why" card.

Now I can see where this can lead. A full conversation on "why" this and "why" that. What I need is an answer to put a full stop to this "why" and encourage my son to sleep. Of course I had none. So I sought help...via twitter. And did I get help. Well.....

moms tweeting funny advice about getting a child to go to sleep

While those are certainly some creative answers....thanks you ladies...those are not answers to tackle my son "But why mommy".

So to admit defeat and let him win (well played kid), I finally countered with... "Because mommy is sleepy and going to bed" And that's what I did. With no one to talk/sing/find triangles with, my son decided to lay down and go to sleep. Finally.

What do you do when your child doesn't want to go to sleep?

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