Beauty Trends for Nail, Eye & Lips for 2013 from Tini Beauty

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The approach of spring means new trends in beauty. Since the start of the year, I've slowly started to use more makeup when going out to events and meeting. So I'm excited to see what new colors and trends are happening with makeup.

In truth, I'm not really a full glam kinda of person but I do like putting a little color on my face. One of my favorite makeup items are lipsticks! They are so simple and easy to use!

So what will the trend be for lips? Here's a look at what to expect for nails, lips and eyes from the experts at 'Tini Beauty'.

Tini Beauty lip trend 2013

Cream Tops the List for Lips

On the lip front, 'Tini Beauty founder Michelle Toma Olson says "Lipsticks are still hot for spring, but shimmer will take a back seat to creamier, more velvety textures."

Another retro trend making a return? Using the same lipstick on the cheeks and lips. "Our Terri Apanasewicz Collection is perfect for this combo use. The smooth, blendable, anti-oxidant rich formula and great hues wear equally well on cheeks and lips," she adds.

Tini Beauty nail trend 2013

Accessorize All the Way to your Fingertips

From red carpet to runway, nails are the finishing touch for any look. Nailtini celebrity manicurist Elsbeth forecasts the hottest nail trends for this year:
  • Mixed Textures: Contrasts, like shiny with matte, glitter with cream, and appliques on tips/moons, will come on strong.
  • Multiple Accent Nails: Accents and statements will show up on two or three nails at a time rather than just one.
  • Nail Art: Designs are here to stay, evolving this season into film reel or comic strip nails where each nail shows a different scene or step in a story.
  • Colors: Shades will be colorful but more muted and soft-toned rather than hot, bright or neon.
Look for Nailtini to unveil its new Champagne and Sugar Rim nail kits just in time for spring, leading the mixed texture trend with its signature cocktail style. Stay tuned for details!

Tini Beauty eye trend 2013

Garden Colors Inspire Eyes

It's all about the garden when it comes to eyes this season, according to Toma Olson. "This is where shimmer will shine, in garden-inspired hues that give eyes a fresh, bright look. Eyetini Eye Cordials in Violette (lavender), Dirty Martini (olive green) and Frothe (off-white) are perfect to achieve this effect, not to mention they don't crease or fade!"

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  1. I am a make-up girl and love hearing all about the trends. I however, stick to classics ;-)

  2. No matter what trend you tap into make it work for you :)