Chuck E. Cheese’s Doubles Tickets with Online Game

by - 1/11/2013 09:31:00 AM

To start your fun 2013 on the right foot, parents and kids can enjoy the one-of-a-kind Chuck E. Cheese’s gaming experience by playing the new, challenging Chuck E. Rocks online game to rock out and play music with the company’s most-adored character.

Chuck E. Cheese’s Doubles Tickets with New Online Game

Guests can win up to 50 free Chuck E. Cheese’s tickets for playing family entertainment leader’s new online game, Chuck E. Rocks and double the fun by bringing the free ticket certificate into stores to redeem it for up to 100 free tickets. Fun for children of all ages, the new game features the company’s rock star mouse, Chuck E. and his beloved guitar. Players catch flying musical notes as Chuck E. plays along to his favorite song.

Kids and families can play the Chuck E. Rocks game by visiting

Gamers can also win tickets with other Chuck E. online favorites, like Skeeball™ and Ticket Blaster™, for a Chuck E. Cheese’s gaming experience anywhere, anytime. Whether players explore the world of music in Chuck E. Rocks or play another online Chuck E-game, ticket certificates from online games are worth double in store from January 2 to March 31.

Each child is able to redeem one certificate per day. In addition, guests can sing along with Chuck E. by downloading his latest hits for free on the Chuck E. Rocks Facebook App or Band Profile.

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